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When it comes to guns, collectors will tell you it's about the history. Enthusiasts will tell you it's about the stopping power, accuracy, and kick when you pull the trigger.  The connoisseur will tell you that a precision made firearm can be appreciated like a fine wine, or work of art. Whatever your view, if you like guns the way we like guns, you will enjoy reading about, and seeing them on our website and in our quarterly publication. Best of all they're all presented in the hands of some of the most beautiful and real girls in the world.
Guns and Lace procures its models through professional modeling agencies located in Washington State, or you may be contacted by Jessica, the owner, or Rick, the editor. If you are contacted by anyone else, please verify their credentials prior to sending ANY photos to them by emailing me at Be Aware and Be Careful!
Guns and Lace Staff
Rick Merlino - Chief Editor
Jessica McLellan - Production Manager
Patrick Merlino - Photographer
Stephanie Wilson - Assistant Editor
Marc McLellan - Assistant Editor
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Sure they're sexy and hot looking... hey now,  we were talking about the guns... OK, we admit it, the girls are hot and sexy don't just follow us on the web, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Who knows, you might just run into one of the Guns and Lace girls online.

If your market is the gun enthusiast, collector, hunter, or the computer first person shooter gaming community,  who can give you better targeted demographics than a media brand that highlights and reviews the most advanced and popular firearms in the world. Oh and did we mention that they're held in the hands and presented by some of the most beautiful women who shoot them?  You won't find any plasticized blown out of proportion girls here. Just beautiful, real women, from all walks of life,  that share their male counterparts love for guns and sport shooting.

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