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Country of origin: Austria
Designer: Gaston Glock
Weapon type: Pistol
Caliber: .40 SW
Overall length: 6.97 inches
Barrel length: 4.02 inches
Weight empty: 20.67 ounces
Height: 4.92 inches
Magazine capacity: 13 rounds
  I'm always humbled by the Glock line of handguns. I grew up hearing stories of them, they were exotic, ethereal, made of space age materials and could be fired under water. They were the kind of gun you whispered about, the future, the stuff of comic books. The carry of choice for Navy Seals, Army Special Forces, Swat and undercover guys, and now best of all carried by me.

  The Glock 23C semi-auto pistol is a sweet .40 cal weapon. Not sweet like sugar and candy, but sweet like "SWEET", you know as in "Man, ain't that (choose your expletive) SWEET!" Matte black, sexy, with clean blade sights. The barrel can be changed out if you prefer the NATO .9mm or hotter .357 round. This is a perfect side arm or carry gun for most normal size, right handed shooters.  The slide release is on the left and the magazine drops with a standard button push on the same side. The Glock "Safe Action" safety is located on the trigger and depresses as you pull the trigger back. I really liked this safety system as there is no fumbling around trying to get the safety off in a pressure situation. If you have kids and this is a home defense gun for you, you might want to look into something with a more traditional safety. Proper trigger protocol is mandatory when drawing the Glock. If you have your finger in the trigger on a draw you will be tempting fate. This is of course good advice for any firearm when you draw. Like Forrest's Mama always said, "Stupid is as stupid does!"

  OK, lets talk about the C in 23C. Yes, boys this 3rd generation Glock IS Compensated.  NO, that doesn't mean it rides around in a mega lifted diesel monster truck. What it does mean is that it has two slits in the top of the barrel and slide that siphon off some of the exhaust gasses and minimize the recoil when firing.

  This baby shoots a .40 caliber round. The magazine carries 13 rounds, 14 with one in the chamber. I was able to shoot 3.5 inch groupings at 7 yards without a problem. The trigger pull from the factory is approx 5.5lbs and with the blade sights the picture is clear and sharp.
The Glock medium frame is a nice size for most, however a petite girl may find it a bit big for concealed carry.  I've to say, I really enjoy firing the Glock 23C as the recoil is mild and it's very controllable. If you work the night shift you may want to go for a Glock that is not compensated, to maintain your night vision. I keep my magazine loaded with Federal 180gr Hydro shock ammo as it's cleaner burning and minimizes muzzle flash.  So step up boys, this honey doesn't like the cheap side of the menu when it comes to carry ammo.

  The Glock breaks down easily for cleaning, and has a reputation for unparalleled reliability and toughness. I've put 100s of rounds of full metal jacket range ammo through this one with no misfires or hiccups, nothing but SWEET thunder!  -Anna

Age: 22
Height: 5'2"
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Medium
Eye Color: Blue
Status: Single
Lives in: Washington

Favorite Gun: Glock 23c
Favorite Book: Beloved
Favorite Show: Dexter
Favorite Movie: Desperado
Favorite Band: Natasha Besser
Favorite Drink: Strawberry Daquiri
  Katie is lovely, petite (dynamite comes in small packages) and a professional video game tester. Careful boys, the sweet girl next door is packing Heat! Katie kicks butt at most first person shooters in both the real and virtual world!  When Katie is not working (video gaming is hard work),or shooting at the range, you will find her out on the town. Look for her at one of downtown Seattle's many trendy karaoke bars, gun or microphone, this Guns and Lace girl sings like an angel!

While looking at pink gun accessories Katie has been heard to say, "OH MY GOSH! THAT'S SOOOOOO CUTE!"
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Guest - 07/09/18
dont shoot me please
Guest - 08/09/14
Smoking hot! I like a girl who likes to shoot! I would pay her range fees anyday!
Guest - 12/22/13
I'm in love! :-) to bad I'm so dam old..... Your a very beautiful lady!
Guest - 04/03/13
Guest - 02/03/13
2 sweet actions
Guest - 12/09/12
Very pretty girl! I like!
Guest - 11/21/12
wow so cute I love your tast in guns cant go wrong with glock
Guest - 11/05/12
Guest - 07/01/12
She sure brings the hot spent shell warmth to the Glock's lifeless plastic.
Guest - 06/05/12
Hello, Katie is beyond beautifull! quite possably one of the prettiest women I have ever seen. I would love the chance to see her exclaiming cute at one of our local gun stores here in washington.
Guest - 04/30/12
I like the Glock, but Katie takes the cake! Hottest girl by far.
Guest - 04/14/12
Wow my birthday is the 18th of this month can i have her as my gift? Oh yea the gun is nice too but keep it and send her please.