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Country of Origin: US
Manufacturer: Taurus
Model: 627
Weapon type: Revolver
Action: DA/SA
Caliber: .357/.38
Overall Length: 10.75 inches
Barrel Length: 6.5 inches Ported
Twist: 1:16.5
Width: 1.531 in
Height: 5.40 in
Weight Empty: 40.08 ozs
Cylinder Capacity: 7 rounds
Sight: Fixed blade front/adjustable rear
Grip: Ribber
Muzzle Velocity: 1450 FPS w/158 grain .357
  The Taurus Tracker takes me back to movie night watching Dirty Harry.  I know he used a S&W .44 but the sheer size and weight of the Taurus Tracker Model 627, six and a half inch .357 revolver makes me feel like I'm the female incarnation of Callahan.  "Did I fire 5 or 6 shots?... Do you feel lucky punk, well do yah?!" LOL, no problem here, the Tracker holds 7 powerful .357 rounds, so I'm thinking luck doesn't have much to do with it.

  With a ported, 6.5 inch barrel, finished in satin stainless, this revolver is one big hunk of intimidation! In spite of its size, it shoots like a tame cat, with its weight and gas expansion ports perfect for reducing flip and recoil. It is an easy to handle, monster of a firearm.  Every woman I know that has fired the Taurus Tracker has loved it. Chambered for .38 or .357, range fun is as affordable as is currently possible using the .38 special round (given current ammo prices, nothing is truly affordable). The looks of this firearm speak for themselves, the barrel profile is gorgeous, the trigger pull firm but not too harsh, the ribbed grip secure and comfortable and Ooh La La, in the hands of a beautiful Guns and Lace girl, every guy at the range had a bad case of Tracker envy.

  We had perfect performance from the Tracker. No misfires, great groups at, and up to, the extent of the 25 yard range we were shooting at. The cylinder is beefy, has a lot of mass to it and opens with an easy press of the release. The extractor is long, efficient and easy to use. The long barrel makes my little .38 special snub nose revolver feel like a scatter gun compared to this firearm.  While it's too long in my opinion for a concealed carry gun (Is that a cannon in your pocket?!) - it would make a great saddle gun or hunting sidearm. The stopping power, noise and damage of the heavy .357 is legendary and with a long barrel, coupled with adjustable rear sights, accuracy is simply a matter of who is doing the shooting. Many of us here at Guns and Lace are wheel gun fans and for both the range and a sidearm for out in the woods, the Taurus tracker is a favorite!

Age: 29
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: Blue/Black
Hair Length: Medium
Eye Color: Blue
Status: Single
Lives in: Washington
Favorite Gun: AR15
Favorite Author: James Patterson
Favorite Show: NCIS
Favorite Movie: Little Mermaid
Favorite Band: Matchbox Romance
Favorite Food: Thai - spicy!
Drink: Red wine

Favorite Quote: "Eat better, feel better!"
Guns and Lace girl Alley Kat is loved by our troops, she has more than her share of boys in uniform that follow her every move. Alley works at the VA as a Clinical Nutritionist and trust me, when she walks through the ward with a tray of vitamins every head in the place turns to follow her! Alley particularly loves caring for our WWII vets, hearing their stories, meeting their families and knowing that their service and commitment has made all the difference for us and our freedoms.  Alley lives in a wooded suburban neighborhood away from the city; where there are more likely to be horse barns than three car garages, yet Seattle's night life and concert scene are just a night prowl away. She belongs to a local troupe of girls that do runway and charity events dressed as 1950's pinup girls, if it has to do with pinup she loves, loves, loves the genre! In case you hadn't noticed Alley Kat is also a big fan of ink!

This feline beauty originally fairs from Eastern Washington, where vineyards, farms and wide open spaces are the rule, but since moving to the coast, she has discovered that Western Washington is full of great hiking trails, amazing rain forests and beautiful scenery.  She is deadly with an AR15 and scoffs at Joe Biden's comments about girls not being able to aim and handle a modern rifle.
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Guest - 10/17/14
Blue hair and a Tracker to boot OH YEAH
Guest - 04/15/13
You look great and I love shiny metal
Guest - 04/02/13
I have died and gone to blue hair heaven. Wossa!