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Sig Sauer P238

Country of Origin: US
Manufacturer: SIG SAUER
Action: Semi auto
Slide: Stainless Steel
Safety: Slide
Frame: Steel Alloy
Caliber: .380 ACP
Grips: Slotted Polymer
Barrel Length: 2.7 inches
Overall Length: 5.5 inches
Weight: 15.2 oz
Height: 3.95 inches
Width: 1.1 inches
Magazine: 6+1 round magazine standard
Sights: Three dot, rear fixed, low profile, front fixed
When Jessica of Guns and Lace teaches a woman's handgun class, the hands down favorite always seems to be the Sig Sauer P238. I've heard many comments come out of those classes:

"I thought I was a revolver girl until I shot the Sig!"

"The slide is so sweet, I can rack it without even a thought and it fits my hand so nicely!"

"Wow!, This little Sig is accurate as sin and just the right size!"

Yup, nothing but great comments from young and old and that is of course, is the test of any carry gun, how does it feel, how does it shoot and how concealable is it?

This little handgun, is beautifully machined, has a slide whose action is truly like a hot knife through butter and for a production gun feels like a far more expense custom piece. I'd one double feed right out of the box and then it just ran and ran and ran. No malfunctions, no failure to fires and a willingness to gobble any ammo I fed through it.The sights are great, the recoil almost non-existent for a small carry gun and thus, it's accurate and easy to handle. I was really looking forward to getting to shoot this one with its shiny stainless steel slide and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. With 6 round magazines and one in the pipe it's potent and has the luxury of an extra round over the small revolvers.  Best of all it's pleasant enough to shoot you'll want to practice with it!

This gun is just the right size for a pocket or holstered in the waistband concealed carry.  It does come with a safety, 1911 style that takes a bit of getting used to if you have been shooting Ruger LCPs or Glocks, but train as you fight and fight as you train.  I personally carry one in the pipe and use a clam shell holster that completely isolates my trigger so I  prefer not to have a safety on my semi-auto. It is a critical feature for many,  and for those wanting a back up gun with the same action and safety as their larger 1911, they'll appreciate the safety consistency. Just make sure you put in the practice time to create the muscle memory needed to draw and take the firearm off safe.

Ladies, selecting a handgun is a very personal choice, dependent upon size, caliber, action and trigger type. My advice is rent and try many until you find what is right for you and only then choose.  I do suggest that you include the Sig P238 in the list of guns you check out and shoot before you buy. You owe it to yourself to shoot this one if you're in the market for a .380 carry piece! - Anna
Miss V.

Age: 27
Height: 5'3"
Hair Color: Brunette
Hair Length: Medium
Eye Color: Brown
Lives in: West Virginia
Favorite Gun: Kriss Vector
Favorite Actor: Sandra Bullock
Favorite Sport: Fast Pitch Softball
Favorite Show: Scandal
Favorite Movie: American Sniper
Favorite Band: Matchbox 20
Favorite Food: Shrimp Cocktail
Drink: Rum and Coke with a Lime

Favorite Quote: "Unlike a video game... in real life you only die once, so protect yourself and "Carry On."- unknown
Like a fast ball pitch, Miss V will bring it, her pitch is straight and true, right over the plate. This month's Guns and Lace girl has no airs about her. She is an all American, patriotic girl who loves the shooting sports and her Second Amendment rights. She's the words "Freedom is not free!" tattooed on her shoulder. I first met her at Shot Show in Las Vegas, where she was traveling with a tactical firearms training team. Raised in Colorado, her favorite football team is the Denver Broncos!

Her Dad was a Gulf War Veteran and her current boyfriend is an Army Ranger who has seen action in Iraq and Afghanistan on multiple tours. When V is not at the range, she enjoys coaching girls fast pitch softball. She is having fun giving back to a sport that put her through college on a sports scholarship. She currently lives on the East Coast in Virginia. She enjoys horses, shooting, cowboy boots, long hikes and camping trips. Her favorite time of year is fall, when the leaves change color. She's watched a football game in 8 different pro ball stadiums and hopes to get to see a game in each and every one of them.  Perfect girl? Let's see, baseball, football, shooting and a pair of cowboy boots!? Yup! We think so!
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Guest - 09/07/15
OMG she's STUNNING...HOT BEAUTUFUL...can't find enough words to say how OMG she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest - 08/23/15
Amazingly hot! Absolutely curvy, womanly, and deadly! Gorgeous!
Guest - 03/31/15
Wow!! Jessica and Miss V could be sisters! Beautiful eyes, gorgeous hair! Would love to see pictures of both of you girls together!