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NOREEN Carbine Assassin-X


Manufacturer: Noreen Firearms
Model: AR-15 Carbine
Caliber: 30.06
Bolt: Long action side charge
Action: Gas Impingement
Rifling: 1:10 Twist
Weight: 7 lbs
Barrel Length: 16 inches
Action: Gas Impingement
Magazine Capacity: 20
Finish: Melonite
Grip: Skeletonized Aluminum
Range: 1,000 yards
Velocity: 2,800FPS
I was at the range the other day chatting with a long time shooter and pistol competitor about how much I love the AR platform, its versatility, dependability and accuracy. I was surprised to hear him comment that he had never shot one. A handgun guy and a hunter, he is partial to the 30.06 caliber and not interested in hunting with any other caliber of round.

Problem solved as we bring you our Guns and Lace review of the Noreen Firearm's custom AR style custom 30.06. The 30.06 is a tried and proven rifle round with a pedigree whose beginnings date back all the way to the M1 Garand, and Noreen's new long bolt rifle is an exciting new platform on which to shoot it. New is a relative term because an AR shooter will recognize everything there is about this rifle sure as he remembers his Mom's home baked apple pie!

From an adjustable buttstock to a flip up safety, the mag release to the relieved free float handguard, to a picatinny rail and magazine, well, this baby is all AR. Noreen stretched the upper and lower receiver for the larger round magazine, and elongated the bolt and action. Noreen didn't just concentrate on functionality, they built a lot of "sex appeal" into this rifle with its skeletonized aluminum hand grip, and trigger guard. We shot it with some military surplus from the Garand ammo box and were really pleased at how accurate and ergonomic it was.  I'd no trouble grouping the rifle sub moa at 100 yards. The advantages of the 30.06 round is that it's an accurate, flat shooter, with high velocity and a 125 to 150 grain bullet that is well known for taking all types of large game.

With overall rifle weight and size coming in pretty much in the middle between the AR -15 and .308 platforms, we expect it will be a popular hunting option for those who know the advantage of of an accurate, flat shooting, high velocity 165 to 180 grain bullet whose reputation for taking large game is legendary.

Noreen has managed to create a beautiful and efficient rifle that we believe is going to extend the life of the 30.06 well into the next generation.

Age: 40
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Favorite Quote "Don't wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don't wish for less problems, wish for more skills., Don't wish for fewer challenges wish for more wisdom." - Jim Rohn
Let me introduce you to beautiful Guns and Lace girl, Bling. She is a bright and shining Star that lights up any room she enters and is an inspiration to those who know her. Bling learned to shoot in order to protect herself after her ex-husband attacked her and her children. After choking her out until he thought she was dead, he left her unconscious. After recovering, she made a conscience decision to never be a victim again and to learn the shooting skills she needed to protect herself and her family from harm. He is currently serving time for his crimes.

 A cancer survivor, Bling, is no stranger to fighting for her life. She credits her strength to the heavens above and being willing to fight with everything one has to conquer life's toughest battles. Bling spends her days working in a cancer center, inspiring and helping others fight against a very tough foe. She is remarried to a super nice guy and together they're happily raising their children. All of her kids are gun safe and have learned to shoot.

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