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Chinese SKS

Country of Origin: Russia
Manufacturer: China
Action: Semi auto
Frame: Steel
Caliber: 7.62x39mm
Velocity: 2411 fts
Twist: Right hand 4 groove
Barrel length: 20.51 inches
Overall length: 40 inches
Weight: 8 lbs 8oz
Safety: Mechanical trigger
Stock: Catalpa wood
Magazine: 10 round internal
(shown with custom 30 round modification)
Sights: Adjustable rear, circle post front
The Chinese SKS Type 56 Carbine is a rifle who's history is still being written. Designed and built originally by Russia in 1943, it was shared and became popular with China and other Eastern Bloc countries to the tune of 15,000,000 rifles being built.  The Chinese variant of the SKS, referred to as a Type 56, is a bit different than the Russian rifle as it has a folding bayonet that is a spike vs. the Russian style blade. While the Russians replaced their SKS with the more modern AK47 rifle in the early 1950s  the SKS has continued to see action around the world until present day. It was the "Peoples Army" rifle during Vietnam and was carried by both the Vietcong and later North Korea. Surplus military units have surfaced and are still being used in Bosnia, Africa and Somalia. The SKS shares the same round as the modern AK47. The SKS is chambered in 7.63x39mm and can utilize detachable SKS magazines or its stock ten round internal magazine that loads using a stripper clip.

I personally love the character of a wood stock and the SKS doesn't disappoint in that department. The lines of this rifle are classic military and holding it brings a sense of history and war that one wishes could speak and tell the story of its experience since creation.  The version we brought in to review had an aftermarket rail tacked on it, unfortunately the replacement receiver top needed to bring it back to original did not arrive in time for our photo shoot deadline.  The purists will faint, but I have to admit, I actually liked the after market rail attachment, as it allowed for both iron sights and an optic to be used.

The rear sights on the Type 56 were a traditional AK47 style sight with a fixed front ring and post sight very similar to that found on the Russian Mosin-Nagant. The rifle kicks a bit, but I didn't find it uncomfortable to shoot. The SKS itself is not that heavy and I found it surprisingly accurate. The cleaning rod is held in place by the bayonet bracket and there is a cleaning kit housed in the butt stock. The bottom of the magazine has a flip open door that allows for quick unloading and is a big help in case you need to clear a jam. The take down lever is a bit of a challenge when it comes to not chipping nail polish, but that aside the rifle was super easy to take down and clean. It Utilizes a gas piston system with a spring on the bolt carrier that slides out for easy cleaning. The bolt is a tilt locking bolt. The safety is a mechanical lever that physically locks the trigger when engaged. When released the safety allows the trigger to move and travel its full path, Like most features on the SKS it's simple and efficient.

The SKS is a classic military rifle that is still affordable and available in the surplus market. I used Herders 7.62x.39mm non-corrosive, steel cased, ammo while putting the rifle through its paces.
The round packs a heck of a wallup. The rifle is a great all purpose firearm and can be used for hunting, plinking or zombie defense.  What more could a country or city girl want in the way of an affordable all purpose, sling it over her shoulder, rifle than that? - Anna

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Favorite Quote: "
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Ginger is a spice that is known to add flavor to every dish! There is no doubt that Guns and Lace girl Willow, with her ginger red hair, adds flavor to every thing she does.  She brings a smile and high energy into the room when she enters it.  Willow spends her time modeling and working as a photographer's assistant. She enjoys reading, and her favorite book titles start with  "How to...",  it doesn't matter if the sink needs fixing, or you want to know how to can preserves, Willow can help make it happen. She is easy to talk to, as sweet as the girl next door and loves to shoot. Pistol, rifle or shotgun, she is all business with a firearm! What more could you ask for than a beautiful, firey hot, redhead who knows how to take care of herself!
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Guest - 02/10/18
Willow and an SKS , WOW both extra special !
Guest - 08/30/14
Very beautiful Willow, the gun too. Too bad photos and websites of this kind are such a farce, leaving it nearly impossible to ever meet a woman of your caliber.
Guest - 08/03/14
Willow, I'm twice your age but I could so easily fall for you!!!