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300 Blackout Suppressed

Country of origin: USA
Manufacturer: Hardened Arms
Weapon type: AR15
Caliber: .300
Overall length: 32 inches
Barrel length: 10.5 inches
Overall barrel length pinned 16.5 inches
Twist: 1/8
Weight empty: 8.1lbs
Height: 8 inches
Magazine capacity: 30 rounds
Sights:optional Magpul flip ups
Buttstock: Magpul
Handgaurd: Hardened Arms Scorpion Rail
Suppressor: Hardened Arms Black Widow
When it comes to firearm manufacturers, the big boys are house hold names and have history that dates back decades or even centuries, yet, there is a very robust, boutique market that has been made possible by the modular AR15 platform and has enabled some very fine new companies to emerge and begin to carve out a name for themselves. Enter Hardened Arms of Friday Harbor, Washington, a company founded in 2011 with a real commitment to quality, customer service and innovation that has resulted in fast growth and a good reputation.

 I want to be upfront that this review is not as arm's length as our typical reviews, as Hardened Arms has been a great sponsor, supporter of women shooters here at Guns and Lace and now even employs a Guns and Lace feature model or two on their team. That being said, I am approaching this review in as unbiased manner as I possibly can.

This month's review focuses on a .300 Blackout, 10.5 inch SBR with a Hardened Arms suppressor attached, that I was very excited to shoot.  I grew up watching James Bond movies, so I've to admit I love the mystique of a "silencer." As I've gained experience and learned more about the industry, I came to understand that Hollywood has taken a lot of liberty in the movies with the usual almost undetectable soft "popping" sound of a suppressed firearm. Still, a suppressor does reduce the sound levels enough make for better neighbor relations, as well as take a lot of the strain off the ears.

I was curious to see how accurate a 10.5 inch barrel throwing a subsonic .30 cal bullet was going to be, but I was pleasantly surprised at 100 yards, with very consistent hits and tight groups. For a caliber and length that was originally developed for urban combat and close quarters, I was very impressed.  Overall the ergonomics of this package, with its short barrel, comfortable scorpion rail and Magpul butt stock, are excellent  It is a well balanced, compact rifle that is easy to carry and shoulder. The .300 Blackout round is a .30 cal bullet that sits on a necked down .223 cartridge and carries a lot of stopping power.

The sound levels were such that I could shoot without ear protection, but honestly, I find most  larger caliber rifle suppressors are still loud enough to be more comfortable and safer for your hearing with at least some form of ear protection.  Since my sound meter is not expensive enough for me to quote decibel drop, I shot a popular competing brand in the same caliber and I could not discern a difference in sound levels between the two. The styling is very cool, yet you can tell by looking at the thickness of the steel that there was a lot of thought toward strength and longevity put into the core, blast baffle and tube. I know that much of the testing on this suppressor was done full auto to make sure that there would never be a problem with the quality and strength of the unit. What I really love about the Hardened Arms' suppressor is the ability to remove the core,  using the supplied wrench head, for cleaning. The manufacturer recommends hi temp grease to keep the core threads from ever binding. If you want to keep us girls happy, you will clean your suppressor outside, because  when you open it up, the grease inside the threads doesn't smell good after being heated and cooled repeatedly. It ships, as all of the products Hardened Arms makes, with a two year warranty. The down side to suppressors, if legal in your area, is the $200.00 tax stamp and the time it takes for paperwork at the ATF, but I can tell you that you will be glad you jumped through the hoops when yours arrives. Hardened Arms is truly making a name for itself and if this rifle suppressor combo is any indication of what is to come, they've a bright and shiny future ahead of them.

Age: 29
Height: 5'4"
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Long & Curly!
Eye Color: Grey
Status: Single
Lives in: Washington

Favorite Gun: Sig Sauer P238
Favorite Book: The Hobbit
Favorite Movie: Grease
Favorite Actor: Humphrey Bogart
Favorite TV Show: Cowboy Bebop
Favorite Band: Goldfish
Favorite Food: Hashbrowns w/cheese
Favorite Drink: Vodka, Seven w/lime

Favorite Quote: "Let the past hold onto itself. Let the present move forward into the future." - Douglas Adams

When a girl has curly hair that is bigger than life, you can almost bet that she will have personality to match. This month's Guns and Lace girl, Laurel Moore is truly all that and more! Vivacious, sexy, and full of spark, her smile is contagious and she is quick to laugh.

Laurel loves to collect vintage clothing, thrives on the theater, costuming and cosplay. She's many years of experience designing and creating period pieces for plays and costume balls and can whip out a pattern, create a dress and be wearing it all in the same day. Originally from the mid-west, Laurel loves the Seattle theater and art scene. Did I mention she loves to cook!? No question about it,  Laurel is one fine independent woman who understands her rights under the 2nd Amendment and the importance of a woman learning to shoot.
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