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Ever since my brother got to take wood shop in high school, while I was stuck taking home economics, better known as housewife training, I've been a bit jealous of his ability to work in wood and create beautiful pieces. Perhaps, that is why I'm drawn to beautiful wood stocks and hand carved western grips more than modern flat black composites. Fast forward to one of my favorite rifles and you have the Mosin Nagant, one of the most prolific military rifles ever made, the Mosin Nagant has seen production runs numbering in the millions and served in the Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese and many, many other militaries, and in almost every major armed conflict from the 1930s on.  A bolt action rifle, that fires the 7.62x54r round, Mosins are known for reliability, accuracy, ease of maintenance and affordability. Boyds' Gunstock Industries brought me a laminated stock for our Mosin Nagant rebuild, that has me very excited about sporterizing my classic old friend.

Back in home economics they taught us to bake a cake. A simple process really; gather ingredients, mix together in a bowl and pour batter into a pan, bake and enjoy. Yes, for those of you that think a girl who likes to shoot must be a Tomboy, I CAN cook, though honestly, when it comes to dinner I prefer to make reservations! This review, however, is more about the range than the kitchen, even though the fitting of my Mosin Nagant with a gorgeous, and I mean Gorgeous, with a capital "G", Boyds' stock was easier than baking a cake!

Start with one old Mosin, please pick one without much of any collectors value, add an old ballpoint pen to press and remove the barrel rings, remove a few screws top and bottom, lift out the barrel and receiver assembly, and slide it easily into the beautiful laminate stock, insert the screws and tighten down, hand tight. Done! The Boyds' stock comes in a rainbow of colors, if you have a favorite color it's most likely available. My stock is red and black laminate, which is very consistent with our Guns and Lace logo. For Katie and a few of the other Guns and Lace girls, pink is available. My favorite just happens to be red. I've to tell you, I love, love, love the finish, and craftsmanship of this stock.  It is off the charts nice!

The warmth of the wood, the ergonomics of the thumb hole, the cheek rest, and a very nice, soft rubber bumper on the butt of the stock to help with the recoil of the Mosin had me not only loving my Mosin Nagant like a new rifle, but headed out to the range to shoot it that same day. I would say, "I was able to have my cake and eat it too!"

Boyds' Gunstock Industries Mosin Nagant

Replacement stock for Mosin Nagant  91/30
Style: Featherweight Thumb hole
(left handed model available)

Construction: Wood laminate
Finish: Acid wash to resist solvents
Weight: 2.5 lbs
Overall length: 32"
Length of pull: 13 3/4 inches

Forest Camo (olive/black/brown)
Nutmeg (brown/brown)
Pepper (black/black)
Sky (blue & black)
Royal (violet & black)
Apple Jack (red & black)
Black Jack (pink & black)

For Pricing and More Info Visit:

When we arrived at the range with our Guns and Lace t-shirts on, we created a bit of a stir, people were kind of taking notice of the girl with a cameraman following her around at the gun range. When I opened the case and took out the Mosin Nagant with the beautiful Boyds' stock with the red stain and alternating colors of the laminate, a crowd formed. I was amazed at the number of people that came up and asked me what kind of rifle I was shooting. All I can say is it turned heads like crazy.

The ergonomics of this rifle stock tell a story of great design, not just let's wrap something around an old rifle for kicks. My 91/30 Mosin fit like a glove into the new stock. Since each Mosin is a little different, you might need to sand a little bit or use a Dremel tool here or there, but those skills just weren't needed for the installation of my stock for this review and video. Watch the video of my installation on our Youtube channel at, I promise, no power tools were damaged in the making of this film!

The best rifle is the one that you use, and this new stock had me shooting like a competition pro in nothing flat. The soft recoil pad kept me from feeling fatigued even after a considerable number of rounds. This Boyds' stock has certainly breathed new life into an old corner resident of my gun safe. I like Mosins, many remember them fondly as their first rifle, since the cost is so reasonable and military ball ammo is available and less expensive than most calibers. If you add a new laminate stock from
Boyds' Gunstock Industries, you just may find your Mosin Nagant gets center stage in your collection and once again becomes "a must take firearm" for each time you go to the range or out deer hunting.
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Guest - 12/22/15
There is a left hand stock made by the same company
Guest - 07/18/14
is there one for a left handed operator?
Guest - 04/26/14
This is my only gun and I love it I have a blue stock
Guest - 02/10/14
Fuck u
Guest - 09/30/13
did you have a problem with your rifle shooting high after putting it in the thumbhole stock?
Guest - 05/16/13
Impressive Jessica, I may just have to dust off my Mosin Nagant and look at something like this. I had almost forgot about it being in the safe.