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Hi Jessica with Guns and Lace and I'm very excited to be out in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my new Bullseye Camera System.

I met Nick Skrepetos and his wife, Kellie, the owners of Bullseye Camera Systems at Shot Show 2014. I was first introduced to this  remote wireless target system at Media Day and I'll honestly tell you, I found it to be the most exciting and innovating piece of equipment at the show.

What's a camera target system you might ask... it's a cool radio-elelmetry-computer-high-tech-gizmoe that records your shots as you make them and sends the video back to your laptop or your smartphone.

What you get...

The system comes complete with:

- Weatherproof camera w/ night vision
- 5-hour rechargeable battery
- Router and Antenna
- Tripod and connectors
- Secure carrying case
- Bullseye Target Manager Software

Works with your iPhone, iPad, Android device or laptop running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8.

Mac OSX support coming soon!
The Bullseye is made up of a camera system that you set up close enough to view your hits, but far enough away to not risk shooting the equipment. Our unit's the distance model and is good out to 1000 yards from the shooter.  Yup, that's right no more walking out to the target to see if you hit it.  No spotting scope needed! Walking back and forth to change out targets and see how you're hitting may be good exercise, but it takes up valuable shooting time. The Bullseye puts a circle around your last shot and stores your previous shots in its memory.  

If you go shooting with a friend, you don't need to change out for a clean target, since you can see each shot on the screen and can simply add a new shooter profile.

Information is power, and knowing your shot placement is critical to improving your shooting at any range. Imagine too, how easy sighting in your rifle optic will be each season before you go hunting.

The unit itself is beautifully packaged, easy to set up, and comes in a cool tool box that isn't heavy to carry. Set it up on its tripod, plug it in, turn it on and you're good to go each time.

I loaded the software on my laptop and downloaded a free app for my phone and I'd everything I needed. I was a little afraid operations would be as challenging as running my DVR, but I can tell you Nick put a lot of thought into this gear as it's easy to carry, easy to set up, and easy to operate! I didn't even break a nail.

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Guest - 01/15/17
always blink to,show the last shot. I zero 4 rifles on one target and the only time I went to the target was for setup and Retrieval. No spotting scope compares