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Jessica with Guns and Lace for this month's gear for girls review. Most men if asked will remember the time they got their first pocket knife, it's a right of passage that is as male as testosterone. We girls on the other hand were much more likely to be given our first hairbrush and comb set than a pocket knife. Now do not get me wrong, it was a big deal for me, when my mom gave me a beautiful brush and comb, as a little girl I'd no idea what I was missing but I can tell you now that I'm all grown up that a good knife is an essential tool to own and keep on hand at all times.


Deer Skin Lined
Stacked Leather

Water Buffalo Horn
Red Maple Burl
Blue Maple Burl
Maple Burl
Black Micarta
Black Oxide
Buckeye Burl

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There came a time when I realized it was time to holster carry a knife instead of dropping a folding pocket knife in my purse and so I went on the hunt for a quality custom made knife that would complete my kit at the range. I started with my Dad and my brother's knives and their advice and quickly discovered that a knife is a very personal thing and depending on the purpose requires a personalized approach. I spent some time searching the internet and entered a world so big it's very easy to get lost and overwhelmed.

Then I met Dan Leeper the owner of Dan Leeper Knives. Dan hand makes custom knives in Olympia, Wa. Each one of his knives are a work of art specifically designed for the end user. Dan asked me all the right questions, use, folding or fixed, what length, self defense, hunting, utility. He was as detailed about the sheath and how it would be worn as the knife itself and by the time we finished talking I only new a lot more about knives but a lot more about what type of knife would fit my needs.

With Dan Leeper Knives you have the option of choosing the type of steel in the blade, its length, shape and wheather or not it's edge is serated or smooth. The next choice is the material and pattern of the hilt or handle of your knife. I let him design a custom knife for me based on Guns and Lace's signature colors of black and red and I'm absolutely thrilled with the result. lIt fits my hand perfectly, holds an edge amazingly well and completes my range and teaching kit beautifully. Dan not only made a well balanced purpose built custom knife for me, but he also crafed a beautiful matching Kydex sheath, lined with Deer skin, color matched to my Glock holster and magazine pouch that has a wonderful snap release for my belt and clicks securely into its sheath.

The kife blade itself is made from 52100 steel, which is a high carbon steel used for ball bearings and available from cutsom knife houses. It is a forged blade, triple quenched and triple tempered for strength and superior edge holding ability. A light coating of oil or Renaisance wax is recommended to keep moisture of the steel and prevent and pitting or allowing any rust to get a foothold in moist environments. Stainless steel is also an option in COM154 or 440C are also available.

The handle is made from Pacific Northwest Burled Maple that is dyed black and stabalized to prevent rot and shrinkage, and trimmed with a red insert. The handle pins are Mosaic pins. The knife was made to order at 7" overall length with a 3.5 inch blade. It weight a comfortable 3.6 ounces and has a balance that is just aft of the hilt.

I could not be happier with my knew Dan Leeper knife. To lean more about how you can have your functional and beautiful custom made knife designed and made just for you, contact Dan at or learn more on our website at

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Guest - 12/26/14
i had dan make me a hunting knife since then i have purchased 3 more top of the line knives. they are not just pretty but very functional thanks dan
Guest - 07/20/14
I own two Dan Leeper hunting knife and my skinning knife. I agree absolutely and wholeheartedly with Jessica's review. Top-shelf quality in both the man and his knives. Buck50, IA.