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Hungarian AMD 65
Hungarian AMD65

Manuf cturer/Importer: T&G International, Inc.
Manufactured: People's Republic of Hungary
Production: 1967 to 2006
Weight: 7.1 lbs
Length: 34.4 inches (stock Open)
Length: 27 inches (stock closed)
Height: 8.25 inches
Design: semi auto (automatic version avail) Hungarian version and adaptation of the AK47 design
Barrel length: 12.5 inches
Frame: Metal (no wood)
Folding wire stock
Magazine: 20 or 30 round capacity
Ammo: 7.62x39mm
Action: Gas, rotary bolt, piston driven
Trigger: Tapco
As a woman, I have a penchant for rifles that are lighter, more compact and easy to carry. Let's face it, when it comes to hauling around heavy loads, a woman prefers a couple of strong men to lift her bags and maybe even peel her a grape or two. All kidding aside, while a 225lb Marine can ruck around a 70lb pack and an 11lb rifle, my frame just is not built for that kind of load out. Thus, I lean strongly towards rifle designs that were created for Paratroopers, tankers and small spaces. The Hungarian AMD 65 is just such a rifle, modeled after the Hungarian version of the full size AK 47 its barrel was shortened and a folding stock added to make a light but powerful close quarters combat rifle. Our rifle is a semi auto version, new out of the box, with just enough US parts to be civilian US legal. The military models were made as fully automatic assault weapons capable of firing at 750 rounds per minute.

The AMD 65 was designed in 1965 and production started in 1967. It saw service in Hungary until 2006. This is not your Grandpa's M1 Carbine, it has seen use by Israel, security forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Blackwater Security personnel carried custom versions of it in the Middle East because it was easy to conceal, fired a large powerful round and had a folding stock. The weapon can be fired with the stock folded. The conversation goes back and forth about the accuracy of a short barreled, wire stock with no cheek rest, blade sighted rifle. Meant as a compact, close quarters weapon, it was designed to lay down a hail of bullets at short range. The AMD 65 is plenty accurate enough to accomplish its mission.

Off hand, and at 25 yards, I have personally seen this rifle put 6 consecutive rounds into a circle the size of a silver dollar. My own shooting, with out a cheek rest, was less impressive, but always well within center mass on the 25 yard profile target I was shooting.  There is an after market bolt on cheek rest, that is inexpensive and will make this a much more comfortable weapon for many. The AMD 65's muzzle brake is welded onto the barrel to keep the barrel length civilian legal. The kick is substantial due to the light 7.1lb weight of this rifle, but not something I'd any trouble handling.  There is an aftermarket rail available for it, that will accommodate an optic that can bring this small but mighty rifle, into the modern world. Small but mighty, that sort of describes me when I'm carrying the AMD 65 with a fully loaded magazine. Anything that makes me feel that way is a winner in my book!
 - Anna

Age: 34
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Length: Long
Eye Color: Blue
Status: Single
Lives in: Arizona

Favorite Rifle M 249 SAW
Favorite Books: Murder/Mysteries
Favorite Movie: The Expendables
Favorite TV Show: Top Shot
Favorite Actor: Robert Deniro
Favorite Band: The Heartbreakers
Favorite Drink: Cabernet Sauvingnon

Fave Quote "I took the road less traveled and got lost along the way!"
Blonde Raven defines America's idea of a successful and beautiful woman. She has been a sought after career model and spokeswoman, as well as radio DJ, PR person, and soldier. Raven once worked for a major toy manufacturer as a promotional model for America's favorite blond doll, Barbie. She served in the US Army and knows her way around a weapon the way most blonde models know their way around a salad bar.

Blonde Raven fairs from Arizona, where she has her own radio show. She spends several months a year traveling the country doing muscle car demos for one of the big three auto makers.  If you take Raven out for an evening, you better know what restaurant serves a good rib eye steak and just where the best range in town is to go shooting.
 Poor Ken just is not going to make the grade, it's GI Joe, that puts a smile on Raven's face!
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Guest - 02/15/13
Gorgeous ! And the gun is nice too . . . .
Guest - 01/08/13
There are Angels in Arizona.
Lots of
Guest - 12/28/12
I love my AMD. I found one brand new in the package 'a few' years ago. I straightened the sock so the recoil is almost perfectly horizontal, and have a YHM suppressor. -Liam (US Army retired)
Guest - 12/16/12
Poor Ken just isn't going to make the grade, it's GI Joe, that puts a smile on.....
Guest - 11/30/12
Be still my heart!!! Blondes are definitely more fun in my book.