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Steyr Aug A3

Manufacturer: Steyr Mannlicher
Produced: 1978-Current
Style: Bullpup carbine
Weight: 7.3 lbs
Length: 27.2 inches
Barrel Length: 16 inches
muzzle velocity: 3,182ft/s
Action:  Gas operated, rotating bolt
Magazine: Detachable
Ammo: 5.56x45mm Nato
 or 9x19mm
Effective range: 323 yards

Sights: Rail for optic or flip up irons
Side Rail: For accessories
When it comes to firearms, I love dogs, Bullpups that is! We all know that many special forces and police forces love bullpups due to their compact frame, superior balance and light weight, as a woman all of the items on this list work to my advantage. The Steyr Aug is the stuff dreams are made of when it comes to balance, light weight, low recoil rifles. Not to mention that it comes with a cool factor that would make it very much at home on any Hollywood set.

What makes a Bullpup a Bullpup you ask? When the trigger goes in front of the action, the overall length of the rifle becomes shorter, more of the barrel and action are contained in the chassis of the firearm.  This moves the center of gravity back and balances the rifle so it's not so heavy at the business end. A real plus for shorter arms and those of us girls that do not spend every afternoon at the gym working on our biceps!

The downside to any Bullpup is that due to the location of the action, an internal rod has to be used to connect the trigger to the action and if there is any flex along the line or in between the trigger becomes either sloppy or prone to biting ones fingers with each pull. While the break is crisp and at the same point every time, the trigger on the Steyr is a long pull and frankly tends to bite the fingers on the reset. There are good aftermarket fixes for this in the under $70.00 range and trust me, one of them is already on my Christmas list! I love the .223/5.56 caliber and its soft recoil, the rifle is extremely controllable and gave me excellent accuracy at both 50 yards out to 300 yards. The proprietary 30 round magazine is made of translucent plastic and I really appreciated being able to "spot check" my ammo reserves at a glance.

The folding pistol grip up front and pistol style rear grip make for a super solid platform and the composite butt stock fit great to my shoulder. Sometimes simple is better and the easy push cross safety and the mag button release, while a different than my other rifles, were easy to use and manage. There is a convenient front sling ring and and rear sling mount point for a The Steyr rifle is super easy to break down for cleaning and maintenance.

The Steyr AUG is overall one of the best balanced and efficient rifles I've experienced, I can hardly wait for Christmas morning to open my trigger accessory and teach this dog not to nibble on my fingers. - Anna
Jenny Madalynn

Age: 28
Height: 5'4"
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Length: Medium
Eye Color: Blue
Lives in: Washington
Favorite Gun: .40 S&W M&P Shield
Favorite Actor: Angelina Jolie
Favorite Sport: Football
Favorite Show: Sons of Anarchy
Favorite Movie: Salt
Favorite Musician: Mariah Carey
Favorite Food: Mexican Food
Drink: Jack 'n Coke

Favorite Quote: "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right!" - unknown
Jenny Madalynn, this month's Guns and Lace feature model, is a very beautiful and confident
woman with a presence about her that people notice the minute she walks into the room.

A wise man once said, "If you want to find yourself a compassionate and caring woman, look no further than the person who works tirelessly serving others. Jenny works for an Oncologist and though at times it's difficult work, it's her passion and a rewarding part of her life. Jenny has a passion for living that reaches everything she does.

Confidence is becoming in a woman, and I can tell you that I've yet to meet a woman who shoots who doesn't posses an inner beauty that radiates outward,and shows in her walk and the way she carries herself. I believe it comes from the security of knowing that she can take care of herself. 

When Jenny is not working in the medical field, she models, enjoys traveling, watching football and going to the range to go shooting. While we were at the range together, the guys there were all asking me if I thought Jenny would go out with them. Then they started arguing with each other over who would be the one to win her heart. Men, please do not fight, if you want the inside track with Jenny, I suggest you take her to the range on your first date. Oh, and plan on bringing along plenty of ammo!
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Guest - 09/07/15
wow..another stunning, hot woman who knows how to handle a weapon...I'm in love!!!!! :)
Guest - 12/30/14
It is very difficult to pay attention to the gun with you holding it. So very beautiful and sexy, oh and the gun too. LOL
Guest - 12/04/14
Very nice ;)