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I am Jessica of Guns and Lace with this month's Gear for Girls Review.  When it comes to Gun Gear specifically designed for women we have what you need.  Subscribe to our Youtube channel and stay up on all the latest and greatest gear made with the woman shooter in mind.

When a woman makes the decision to carry a firearm, it's often function vs fashion and due to safety and practicality function tends to win out and being stylish becomes a lost art. Kate Woolstenhulme, the owner of Designer Concealed carry came to the same conclusion after a shopping trip to Saks Fifth Avenue and not a single handbag would adapt and meet her needs for a beautiful carry handbag. Safety of course was her first concern, but she was not willing to settle. So she created a designer line of concealed carry handbags that gave both fashion and practical concealed carry high level priority.

I liked her quote, "You can't just put your toe in the water if you're going to carry a handgun." And she has right. The decision to carry a firearm brings with it great responsibility and safety for yourself and those around you is paramount. All of the handbags in the Designer Concealed Carry line are made with dual locking zippers for right and left handed access to the exterior holster pocket. There is a removable, fully adjustable holster in each purse for firmly securing all sizes of carry guns. Each style has adjustable shoulder straps allowing for a customized fit for women of varying heights and easy accessibility to your handgun.


CONCEALED CARRY HANDBAGS that not only look smart, but have these smart features:

-Dual locking zippers for right or left handed access to exterior holster pocket.
-Holster: Removable, fully adjustable, with quick release retention straps.

-Leather in various textures and colors
-Pig suede or textile lining
-Inside: zippered pocket, three open pockets & handy key clasp
-Slim pocket for pens & slots for hotel room key, business cards, ID
-Elastic loops secure flashlight, pepper spray, spare magazines or baton
The bags are fashionable and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. When it comes to Rodeo Drive meets handgun these purses bring the shock and awe of high end designer purses and pure street smart carry together.  Prices range from $300 to $4,000. When it comes to carry bags,we are definitely not in Kansas any more Toto! Double stitching, quality hardware and the features you would expect from Armani or Coach with zippered pockets,  open pockets, a key clasp, slots for hotel room key, business cards, Id and elastic loops for spare magazines or pepper spray.

You will never have to dig through the far recesses of space to try to find what you need with one of these for keys or your cell phone because there are not any suitable pockets. We all know that situational awareness is critical for women to stay safe when out and about and  these bags quick no nonsense storage systems and secure holster placement enable you to keep your eyes and mind on your surroundings instead of digging through the normal bottomless pit of the average bag. While these bags might be a bit pricier than many they are designed to last for years and bring you value and safety. Red carpet style and a well designed carry purse are no longer only for the jet set.  

Visit Designer Concealed carry at for more information or visit us at
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Guest - 05/06/20
Great Article
Guest - 06/25/14
Bianca, re: export to South Africa Let's talk.
Guest - 06/25/14
re: price, We offer three price ranges, $300-350 for everyday use, $900-1000 for the Safari & Couture lines & $3800-4200 for genuine crocodile or ostrich. Something for everyone - Kate Woolstenhulme
Guest - 06/18/14
What did you say the price was?
Guest - 06/17/14
Do you export holsters and bags to South Africa? Bianca Bell