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Ask a man to explain how a woman thinks, and you will see his brow furrow, his shoulders drop and most likely he will start looking around for the nearest exit. Purses, pure and simple, don't exist in the male world. This isn't a problem except that the world of firearms has primarily been filled with men. Physical size and fashion forward or tight fitting wardrobes can affect a woman's ability to conceal carry. The problem is that gun leather, holsters and most carry options have been designed and manufactured by men.

I personally prefer to know that I'm protected by carrying a firearm with me everywhere I go.  I train often, take classes, and have my concealed carry permit. I understand the laws in my state and believe-you-me, I don't recommend carrying a firearm without being proficient and operating within the law. That being said, there are two ways to carry for a woman, on your body, or in your purse.  Carry purses to date have been ugly affairs, shapeless, boring, and the equivalent of old nurse's shoes.  I don't know about you but I want a bag- no, a selection of bags- designed to work with different outfits, and for different venues like a girl's night out at the movies, or a red carpet event. Today's review is about a line of carry purses designed by Kim Klein and offered to us ladies by Everyday Tactical Kim  has brought her very own sense of style and quality to the effort to create a line of carry purses that are both practical and stylish.

So, since the men can not explain what women want, let me give it a try, at least as it relates to a carry purse. First of all, there is a lot of controversy over the pros and cons of purse carry vs carrying on your body. After all, many times a mugger will go for, or demand a woman's purse, since that is where her wallet and money tend to live. So, isn't a body carry a better option? It depends, if you are wearing a bikini, at the beach... not so much, even my bra holster won't help there! If you are wearing tight jeans, and a sheer top, well you start to get the picture, often a purse carry is the only option.

Accommodates Up To Full Size:
The Classic
Messenger Bag

Accommodates Up To Mid-Size:
Tablet Bag
The Squishy
The Wrist Bag

Accommodates Small Size:
The Cocktail

For Pricing and More Info Visit:
The attributes of a good carry purse, is quick access from a dedicated pocket, with a holster that is secure but adjustable. Have you ever seen a woman digging in her purse looking for something, rustling around with it on her knee as she tries to find the elusive key or cell phone? Not good if you are trying to stave off an attacker and your carry piece has worked its way to the bottom of the bag. Guns of any size tend to be heavier than most things in a woman's handbag and so left to their own devices they'll find their way to the bottom of the bag under everything else.

Kim's purses are made with a dedicated pocket, with a left and right side zipper for access and a velcroed in holster that will keep your weapon right where you need it, when you need it. Zip. Pull. Shoot. 1.5 seconds to on target. The way I was taught, the bag lives on your off hand shoulder, and swings forward for the grab and back to reveal the pistol. Moving the bag away from the pistol once you have a firm grip on it, rather than drawing the pistol, pulling the bag.  This draw looks a bit different (see my video review) but is quite smooth and effective.

When a woman senses danger, say in a parking lot, she simply unzips the side of the pocket, puts her hand on the butt of the gun and continues to walk to safety. No gun is exposed, no threat is visible and no explanation is required, and you now you have the tool you need to stay safe. In the car with the purse on the seat next to you, quick access. Plus, it won't be home on the counter when you need it, because we never leave home without our purse!
So what about style? Kim has an assortment of colors to choose from, from black to white, red to silver, purple to tan. Material range from faux leather to real leather, sparkles to saddle finish, evening bag to iPad case, and casual to formal. These are real bags with all of the features you'd expect from a nice bag. Pockets, a pouch for your cell phone, a place for your wallet, and heavy straps, zippers and quality workmanship.

The best feedback I can share on carrying my Everyday Tactical Gear purse is that I've had two different girlfriends demand to know where I got the cute purse, because they want to get one too! Neither of them know that it's a carry purse! So you know if it passes the "OMG, I want one!" test from your girlfriends, you know it has to be GOOD!  The good news is, buying one of Everyday Tactical Gear's purses won't leave you with an empty wallet, so there will actually be something left to put in your new bag!

In my opinion, the deal makers for this great line are locking zippers on the gun pocket for when I'm being an Auntie! A lipstick pocket! Quality construction, stitching and a big enough pocket to handle a larger handgun such as a 1911 or full size glock. Adjustable straps, easy access gun pouch with holster included, beauty, fashion, runway, red carpet, bright lights, men swooning... oh my... sorry,  I got carried away:)

Can't get past the idea of having your pistol on your person? Then carry in your purse and on your person, and you will have the best of both worlds and be prepared in every situation! You know many LE carry a backup piece, why should not we?

Many of you have heard me say that it's all about the gun and the shoes to match, but what ensemble is complete without a nice purse. So no matter if you are going to a red carpet event or a Sunday picnic, you can make sure you are ready for any eventuality with a carry purse from Everyday Tactical Gear!  - Jessica

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