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Type: Semi-automatic rifle / Service rifle
Origin: United States
In service: 1958–present
Designer: Eugene Stoner
Designed: 1957
Weight: 5.5–8.5 lb
Barrel length:  16 in
Cartridge: .223/5.56 NATO
Action: Direct impingement
The AR-15 model 3 is a long range rifle that shoots a light round at tremendous velocity, at approx 3200 ft per second.  It has been a popular choice for law enforcement agencies and gun enthusiasts alike. For varmint or bad guys, this easy to clean, strip, and maintain line of rifles is easy to shoot and surprisingly tame on the firing line. No matter, because at the receiving end of the barrel, there is nothing tame about an AR-15. We fired a built up (we actually built this rifle up from parts, pieces and accessories to be exactly what we wanted) model 3, with a collapsible Tapco Stock, Superior Arms receiver, Del-ton 16" barrel, chambered for the readily available 5.56/.223 and a Vortex red dot sight. On the business end is an A2 flash hider. This particular build up, much like Alycia's urban grunge outfit in this month's photo shoot is a mix of parts from different manufacturers that when brought together, create a thing of beauty.

This AR-15 model A3 draws its beauty from being both affordable and functional. I set my target at 75 yards, switched on the cool little Vortex sight and put the first 6 rounds into an inch and a half circle. The trigger pull was unremarkable, not hard, not mushy, just, for the sake of a better term, predictable.  Which, when you come right down to it, is a good description for this weapon, since round after round fired off cleanly and found its mark.  

I quickly was wishing for an outdoor gun range with much longer target sets than the nice indoor rifle lane I was in. I wanted to continue to up the ante and shoot at much longer distances, since hitting the target from the first shot on was a breeze. The recoil felt more like a hug, then a smack, and even after a magazine and a half I felt no fatigue. In my opinion, there is no Frankenstein mix of body parts cobbled together here, rather this is a built up weapon that was much more than the sum of its parts. This AR-15 epitomizes that place where function and affordability meet. I enjoyed my time shooting with this AR-15, even though the range master called my new friend a "poor man's AR." I'd no choice but to set him straight... winking, I looked at him and said, "In this particular case honey, this is a poor girl's friend, and a damn fine one at that!"   -- Anna

Age: 21
Height: 5'3"
Hair Color : Black
Hair Length: Short
Eye Color: Green
Status: Single
Lives in: Washington

Favorite Gun: AR-15
Favorite Book: JTHM
Favorite Show: Cosmos: A Personal Voyage
Favorite Movie: Blade Runner
Favorite Band: Nine Inch Nails
Favorite Drink: Hard Cider
Alycia is a gamer's dream girl; not only does she play first person shooter video games like one of the boys, but in real life she enjoys shooting the guns that are the main stay of the latest video game. A class "A" Geek at heart... Alycia's GUN of choice is the Del-Ton AR-15. With an AR-15 on each hip, her photo personifies the rule, always double tap!
When she hasn't pwning other players on Xbox Live, or at the range, Alycia can often be found at the skate park or a concert. Although she has an alternative kinda girl, she also has a taste for the classics; mention a movie night consisting of Star Wars (only four, five and six of course), the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Quentin Tarantino or a George A. Romero film and you will be her new best friend. Alycia's thoughts on movies?

"It better mess with my head or blow off someone else's!"
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Guest - 09/23/12
I'd love to go the range, ammo's on me.
Guest - 06/25/12
You're my birthday wish, 2/3/54
Guest - 06/25/12
If you want to build your own DTI AR like the pretty lady, just go to Their website is pretty easy and you have them build it out for you with a good array of options.
Guest - 04/30/12
Pretty hot Emo chick, not so hot D-ton AR..
Guest - 02/27/12
Looks like about a 800 dollar build up for that AR. Nothing too fancy there...
Guest - 02/27/12
I have to say the Alt look is a bit over the top... but I am digging it never the less!
Guest - 02/26/12
I like this gun, would like to know how much it cost you to build it up?
Guest - 02/17/12
Wow! I have seen a lot of gun reviews and read gun magazines regularly, but this rocks!Hot photos of both the girl and the AR. Can't wait to see what's coming up for March!