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Weight: 5.9 lbs
Height: 6.8"
Length Open: 34.8"
Length folded: 26.5"
Barrel length: 16"
Retail cost:  $1,895.00
Action: Gas Operated
Magazine: Glock 21
or Kriss 30 Round Detachable
Ammo: .45 ACP
Stock: Folding
Body: Polymer
The Kriss Vector is panther, lynx, and jaguar all rolled into one. Like a big cat poised and ready to pounce, its lines are lean, tight, and muscular.  This rifle is so secure in its masculinity, you could paint it pink and it would still be king of the hill and at the top of the food chain. I suppose that could be why I enjoyed shooting it so much. I'm not really a "pink" kind of girl, that's not to say I do not like fashion, or appreciate a pair of heels as much (or more) than the next gal, but as far as I know, this rifle only comes in black and in my opinion anything else just wouldn't feel right. Serious gun reviews are about performance and ergonomics and not so much about stylish "looks" but one can't look upon a Kriss Vector and not be aware of the pure aura of strength and potential it holds within it. As I settled in to shoot this weapon, pink guns were the furthest thing from my mind.

The Kriss we photographed in the Studio was a semi-auto version, but I'd the pleasure of firing the full auto version at the Guns and Ammo Garage while in Las Vegas for Shot Show 2013. I really wanted to test this gun in full auto mode because of its unique,  5 years in the making, patented action, counterweight system. This counterweight action explains the look of the Kriss and its cool, but boxy shape. The design cycles a counter weight with the bolt's firing action that sends force in the opposite direction of the muzzle, minimizing rise and recoil in the process. According to the manufacturer's website, this system reduces recoil by 95%.

The selector has three options on the LE version, single, double, and auto. Single shot was like firing a .22 magnum even though this weapon is .45 cal pistol round. Recoil was non-existent. I loved the Double Tap mode with pull of the trigger leaving overlapping holes! Full auto was all about the stance. The weapon is a tack driver and very controllable providing your stance is tight, arm control is good with your elbows tucked in, thus being supported by your ribs. (Guys, I know this sounds funny but girls have additional anatomy that's gets in the way of bracing arms against ribs and elbows of the hand against the solar-plexus. Never the less, I think (macho types may jaw drop when I say this...) this weapon is built for girls.) Low in weight,
accessible selector, mag and bolt release in easy reach. With low recoil, controllable muzzle climb, amazing power and built for close quarters this cat shoots and moves with grace!

Age: 26
Height: 5''7"
Hair Color: Auburn
Hair Length: Medium
Eye Color: Blue
Status: Single
Lives in: Washington

Favorite Rifle:

Mossberg 590A1 8+1. 12ga
Favorite Book: Catwitch
Favorite Show: Invade Zim
Favorite Movie: Breakfast at Tiffany's
Favorite Actor: Elizabeth Roselie
Favorite Band: P!NK
Favorite Drink: Prison Bitch
Favorite Quote: "Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."  --Marilyn Monroe
Makenzie is an island girl- nope, she is not from Hawaii. Doesn't live in the Caribbean either, Makenzine lives the island life on one of the Islands off the Puget Sound in Washington. Where deer are plentiful and literally walk through people's back yards eating flowers the way rabbits do in some places. Rural farms, and tourists on main street. At home people have their great grandparents' and grandparents' guns in the safe. Where Makenzie lives oysters are not some fancy dinner in a New York style restaurant, they're dinner picked up off the beach and put right on the BBQ.

Makenzie's no stranger to guns, growing up around them, but neither is she your average farm girl. She loves dancing everything from ballet to salsa and enjoys visiting Seattle Salsa Clubs. Makenzie works for a designer steampunk clothing company in Seattle and is on the cutting edge of a clothing movement whose equivalent is grunge and metal. Mackenzie's style is that of beauty and sophistication that is rare these days. Much like her idol, Marilyn Monroe.
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