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Country of Origin: US
Manufacturer: Rossi
Model: Lever Action Mares Leg 44mag/44spl
Weapon Type: Pistol
Action: Lever
Caliber: .44 mag/.44spl
avail also in 357/.38spl
Overall Length: 24 inches
Height: 7 inches
Barrel Length:  12 inches
Weight Empty: 4 lbs 9 ounces
Magazine: 6 round magazine tube
Safety: manual
Sights: Front and Real adjustable
Security Lock: "Taurus keyed security trigger lock"
Who does not remember Steve McQueen in Wanted: Dead or Alive, with its iconic 1892 lever action rifle with cut down stock and barrel. Used in this Western TV series and referred to as a Mare's Leg, it was surely the inspiration for the Rossi M92 Ranch Hand. While they're often confused with rifles, these beauties start life as pistols at the factory and remain that way for the duration.  The factory states "Attention Dealers, This is a Handgun" right on the side of the box to avoid confusion. As a handgun, you don't have the tax stamp issue associated with Short Barreled Rifles (SBRs). That's right, the Rossi Ranch Hand is a handgun, it's designed to be held away from the shoulder (if you value your teeth, you WILL hold it away from your face!)  I recommend a firm, two handed grip, 'cause in .44 magnum, this baby is a monster.  I watched it jump out of our producer's front hand the first time he fired it. After his demonstration of recoil control, I made a wise decision to shoot it with .44spl ammo instead of .44Mag. The Rossi is by far, one of the sweetest handguns I've ever had the pleasure to shoot.  Accurate, OH MY!  Just watch Guns and Lace girl RAE in this month's video, punching out the center of the target to see what I mean.  We both had no trouble grouping a tight little knot center target at 15 yards. 

Ergonomically, the Rossi Ranch Hand is a whole new experience, the butt stock looks like it should be on a rifle, but in its cut down configuration, it's way too short to shoulder (again, if you value your good looks, hold it out and away from your face). The back hand grips like a rifle and the front hand holds the barrel down as it tries to climb from the recoil. In .44spl it was a dream to shoot, but in .44mag it's a fire breathing dragon! I loved the 12" ring on the lever action and how smooth it cycled, the ring made me feel like I was starring in an old Rifleman episode with Chuck Connors.  The Ranch Hand loads like most lever actions, with a 6 round side loading tube... ladies be careful, it's a nail breaker!  The rear sight is adjustable for elevation and the front sight for windage.  The safety, is just fore of the trigger and is a simple dial, green for safe, and red for fire. There is a Taurus keyed security lock built in to security lock the trigger.

Cowboy or city slicker, this gun smacks of the old West, riding the trail and the theme from Hang 'em High! No matter if you are looking for a mountain lion gun for your western riding saddle or wanting to fill the scabbard in your Jeep Wrangler 4X4, you need look no further than the Rossi Ranch Hand Lever Action. In my opinion it's the perfect saddle gun! -Anna

Age: 39
Height: 5'4"
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Long
Eye Color: Hazel
Status: Single
Lives in: Seattle
Favorite Gun: AK47
Favorite Actor: Johnny Depp
Favorite Show: The Walking Dead
Favorite Movie: True Romance
Favorite Book: Where the Sidewalk Ends
Favorite Band: The Ramones
Favorite Food: Italian
Drink: Lemon Drop

Favorite Quote: "It All Comes Out In the Wash !"
RAE, A beautiful woman that is happy shooting any firearm you can put in her arms.  RAE is the  Lion that will protect her cub, as a single Mom, RAE learned to shoot in order to be able to protect her family!  She is currently dating a Marine (Semper Fi!) , so you can be sure she's good taste in men too!

Speaking of taste, RAE's grandmother taught her to cook Italian food, so yes, boys she can cook too. RAE is currently an art model, does the books and scheduling for a construction company and spends her free time attending sports practices and games for her boy. On occasion she gets out to the Seattle concert scene.  RAE is currently working on her NRA instructor's certificates and will be co-teaching women's shooting classes with Guns and Lace admin Jessica.  There you have it, beauty, brains, cooking skills, she is a great Mom and RAE can SHOOT!  Guns Up Salute to you RAE, you personify the American woman and the fact that there is a Guns and Lace girl in every woman!
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