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We were recently introduced to Donna from Femme Fatale Holsters who has created one such option.

For two years, Donna struggled with the dilemma of concealed carry for women. After suffering bruising from other holsters designed specifically for men and attempting to lug her pistol around in her handbag, she decided there had to be a way to comfortably carry under fashionable clothing and still feel sexy. She then designed the Femme Fatale Corset Holster.

The 6" wide elastic corset is worn just below your bra, allowing for the natural tension of the corset elastic to keep it snugly nestled beneath your breasts. The padded pocket conceals your firearm, leaving it virtually invisible under even a t-shirt.  The open pocket accommodates a variety of guns and allows for ambidextrous draw. It comes in white, nude, blush, red, and combinations of the colors for added style like this black with red lace that Femme Fatale so kindly sent to us for review. Positioning of the gun, should be at angle with the hammer and rear of the gun pointing up and the muzzle of the gun in the pocket of the corset. The gun should firmly nestle under the breasts.

Femme Fatale Colors & Sizing

Available In:
Au Naturale

To determine your Corset Holster size, use a measuring tape to measure directly under your bust. Keep the measuring tape parallel to the ground and expel all air from your lungs – you want this measurement to be as small as possible. Corsets are sized in even numbers. If you are between sizes, round down to the nearest whole number (unless you are within 1/4" of the next higher number). This is your size.
This holster does not attach to your bra making it wearable with any type of bra or even without a bra. There is no added weight to the straps leaving your shoulders strain free. It is also flattering to your figure with no lopsidedness to your breasts, and provides light abdominal support. The corset is also wider and stronger than most belly band holsters. The pocket is lined with a breathable, waterproof material that helps keep perspiration and body oils off your gun, helping to protect its finish.

Detailing of the corset is beautiful with soft elastic on the inside, and stylish lace overlay adding sex appeal on the outside. The closing on the corset is your old fashioned eye and hook closure giving it an authentic feel of a corset and the versatility of 3 lines of hooks for better sizing. It not only conceals for us ladies, it's a beautiful waist cincher as well. This is not your ugly, uncomfortable holster ladies. This is truly luxurious lingerie for the modern woman who carries every day.

All holsters come in actual sizes so you will need to pay special attention to the sizing charts to determine the right size for you.

As with any lingerie, treat your Femme Fatale Corset carefully when washing. Hand wash with mild detergent and drip dry.

Femme Fatale Holsters also just announced the addition of a thigh holster in the same colors as its corset holsters to give another discreet option in carry. What could be sexier than a lace garter for concealed carry that holds your ID, credit card and lipstick for a night out on the town!
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Guest - 10/27/18
Love my belly band holster. Comfortable and you can't see the imprint of the gun.
Guest - 04/19/18
a well sexy holster for the sexy ladies . great
Guest - 06/12/17
Guest - 06/14/16 can I order the femme fatale corset?