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I visited Bourbon Street while I was in New Orleans and witnessed firsthand the custom of Mardi Gras beads. It seems they're graciously awarded in large numbers to women that will lift their tops and flash those on the balconies above them. I share this with you as a reference only, so that you may fully grasp the significance of the word "Flash" as used in this month's gear review of the Flashbang line of holsters for ladies.

Men, this review really is for the girls, but please don't stop reading as the ladies in your life will appreciate you, if you remember this product on the next gift giving occasion- hint, hint. Take my word for it. One of the biggest problems with firearms is most of them are designed for men, the leather that goes with them is the same. In case you haven't noticed, women come with curves that men don't have, and more importantly, we like to show them off. Baggy jeans and floppy, un-tucked shirts may be the ideal garb for the guys, but they don't appeal to us women. Tight jeans, cute skirts, and form fitting blouses are the rule of the day for us, not exactly a best case scenario for hiding gun leather and a sidearm.

Then, thank goodness, along comes Lisa Looper, whose family has been making holsters for decades. She raised her hand and said, 'Hey wait...there's gotta be a better way for women to carry!?' and created a line of holsters made especially for women. We are going to explore four different holsters from her line that can keep a woman well-armed and yet still allow a gal to be fashion forward.

The first, and my favorite, is the namesake Flashbang holster. It is a clever little clamshell holster that attaches to the front strap of your bra, where it sits between the cups. It is attached by a leather strap and nicely tucks up and under the wire of an underwire bra leaving the butt of the gun accessible. Once in place, it's so comfortable you hardly know the gun is there and yet very, very quick to draw from under your shirt. How quick, less than a second and half quick, from holster to on target!

Available for:

1911 3"
Beretta NANO
Beretta Tomcat .32
Bersa .380 Thunder
Charter Arms "Lady" Revolver
Diamondback DB380, DB9
Glock 26/27/33
Kahr P380, PM9, CM9
Kahr P9/40, K9/40, CW 9/40
Kel Tec P-3AT, P-32
Kimber Solo
NAA Mini-revolver .22 magnum
Ruger LC-9, LCP
Ruger LCR .38, .357
Sig P238, P230, P232, P938
S&W "J" Frame
S&W Bodyguard .380
S&W Shield
Springfield XD-S
Taurus TCP738
Walther PK380, PPK, PPKS, PPS
I'd read mixed reviews on this method of carry until I received a Flashbang holster as a gift from a friend and tried it out. I was so pleased with it that for the first time in my life, I knew I was going to be able to carry every day, and still wear stylish girl clothes!

So let's talk about how this thing works, and why. First off, in case you weren't aware of it, a very large percentage of women own and wear bras that don't fit them properly. If your bra doesn't fit right, the Flashbang isn't going to be comfortable. So it's important to start with a good quality underwire bra that fits correctly. So start with a good bra that fits! The adjustable bra strap on the holster snaps around the center strap of the bra (the gore) and the barrel end of the holster slips under the underwire. Voila, comfortable carry. The draw on this holster is: lift shirt with your off hand (FLASH), draw by pulling down and out at a slight angle. The elasticity of the bra strap snaps the clamshell away from your firearm and you're, in one smooth down and out motion, ready to aim and shoot, BANG! (See video example.)

OK, so I admit the idea of having the muzzle of a loaded gun pointed at the girls is a bit disconcerting, however, the holster completely covers the trigger and the clamshell makes for a very safe and secure carry. The strap is adjustable for length; a simple Phillips head screw driver is all you need to adjust the strap. The holster can be carried above (best for curvier gals), or below the strap for petite women.  The draw actually is down and slightly away so the muzzle of the weapon is naturally clear of your body. As always, the key to any draw is keeping your finger out of the trigger until you're eyes on target and ready to fire. Practice with any concealed carry draw is critical to create muscle memory, but this holster is so easy to use, you'll have your draw down in a flash!  

While I was at Shot Show 2013, I'd the chance to visit the Flashbang booth and it was quite an event, as men and women where lined up two to three deep to watch the Flashbang demo. There is something about watching a pretty young thing pull a pistol out from under her shirt that brings a crowd. Even though the Flashbang was getting most of the attention, the other holsters in the Flashbang line are equally worth a look. I now own them all, and I can tell you that I can carry in almost any ensemble I own.

There isn't anything too unique about a waist holster, they're offered by many companies, but again Lisa, as a designer, gets it from a woman's perspective and has made the Ava for us girls.  The leather is softer, and is designed to bend and fit the curves of a woman's waist so much better than the stiff cowhide employed in men's holsters. Add a soft purple lining, that is comfortable against the skin, and you have a fast draw, in the waist holster, designed to fit a woman. Did I mention that purple is my favorite color?

In addition, Lisa has created a stylish gun belt line for women, all the attributes of good quality leather with a stiff lining that make up a proper gun belt, but these belts look hot with any pair of jeans or slacks. Now clip the Betty to it and you have an angle adjustable, clamshell holster that is secure and able to be placed in whatever position on your waist you want, from front to back it will ride securely.

Last but not least is the Marilyn. This sweet little number attaches to the side strap of the bra and makes for a clever side carry. No more getting rigged up like a circus performer to carry under your arm in a shoulder holster. I found this particular holster to be the most sensitive to bra type, but once I found the right style bra for it, I was again amazed at just how easy it's to place and forget. The secret to the Marilyn is a bra with a side band that tapers off the cup, rather than just a straight strap, resulting again in a comfortable carry option that expands wardrobe options dramatically.

In conclusion, Flashbang has created the optimum line of holsters for the lady who carries concealed. Regardless of your build, be it petite or plus size, Lisa has a solution in her line for you. Oh and a little side benefit to owning the Flashbang line for me, it gave me an excuse to go shopping for new bras at Victoria's Secret!

9/4/2013 Update: The NRA Women's Channel recently released a "New Energy" profile on, Lisa Looper, the creator of the Flashbang:

New Energy sponsored by Remington

Lisa Looper doesn't believe that carrying a gun has to hinder a woman's sense of style. Her original design, the Flashbang Bra Holster, allows Lisa to dress how she wants when she carries a gun, and gives her the peace of mind that she can protect her children. Watch Lisa's "New Energy" profile.
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Guest - 02/07/14
I've been carrying with a Flashbang Holster for a year now and I LOVE it. It is uncomfortable with the wrong bra though. The Marilyn didn't work for me though. I've exchanged it for an Ava.
Guest - 09/06/13
Interesting offers. Thx.
Guest - 09/06/13
This is very good website. Thank you for this post S&W holster is an authorized certified dealer for all Fobus, Bianchi, Blackhawk,
Guest - 08/24/13
I have been wearing the Flashbang with my Glock 26 for about 4 months. I wear it 6-7 days a week and I absolutely LOVE IT! If you don't like it, I Highly recommend a different bra or strap length
Guest - 07/18/13
Yes, they make one for a body guard. My question is how does it fit smaller breasted women? Is the Marilyn a better option?
Guest - 07/11/13
Is there a Flashbang for a S&W Bodyguard 38?
Guest - 06/25/13
Draw time... less than 1.5 seconds! I have found nothing faster.
Guest - 06/03/13
Ridiculous idea, what do say? Excuse me while I reach under my shirt and inside my bra to get my gun? This is just not reasonable. I fail to see how it could be easily accessible. And NOT comfortable!
Guest - 04/25/13
I just bought this holster (Flashbang model) and I am returning it! It is the most uncomfortable carry ever! It's like carrying a ROCK against your sternum.
Guest - 04/06/13
Bought it love it....just need to find the right bra and you will be happy too!!!
Guest - 03/12/13
What about for smaller cup sizes? Is it really still well concealed?
Guest - 03/06/13
Hi my name is Carol. I got a carry permit 6 months ago and thought pocket carry was going to be the best for me. Not so, the Flashbang Bra Holster is so much more comfortable. A GREAT solution!
Guest - 02/22/13
Guest - 02/22/13
Great review - definite purchase!
Guest - 02/15/13
I Love, Love this review, I had heard about the bra holster but wasn't sure how it worked. I am going to get me one of these. Very excited - Amy