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Two-Piece Competition Belts with Style
Flashbang has designed some of my favorite holsters, so it was no surprise when I received their competition belts, that I fell in love all over again.

More and more women are joining the shooting sports and are in need of competition gear designed by women for women. These competition belts offer the traditional, two layer system with with an inner belt measuring 1.5" wide and covered in an inner loop material. This belt goes through the belt loops and creates the base for your competition belt. The outer belt is reinforced to hold up to the weight of all the gear necessary for competition and is covered with a loop material to attach to the interior belt.
Flashbang Competition Belts

Bombshell Babe (Red)
Glam Girl (Pink)
Pretty Poison (Green)
Shady Lady (Blue)

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Prohibition Holsters:

Baby Face
Pretty Boy
Mad Dog
Lucky Luciano

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Flashbang Holsters
No more trying to solve the puzzle of getting your belt through belt loops with your mag holders and holster in the right locations. Simply place the outer belt around your waist and press down, that belt is now placed exactly where you want it and it'sn't going anywhere!

Flashbang holds to its philosophy of style and function as the outer belt comes in candy apple red,
luxurious blue, green and vibrant pink allowing us ladies to accessorize and be the individuals that we are...

Keep in mind sizing for competition belts isn't quite like your everyday wear so You'll need to measure the actual inches around your waist or hip area depending on where you'll be wearing your holster and order the corresponding belt size.

Now guys, Flashbang didn't want to leave you all out so they've designed the Prohibition line of holsters and belts to suit your needs. My crew has been wearing them for months now and can't say enough good things about how comfortable and functional these holsters are. The holsters are formed and shaped to a man's body with the comfort of suede and leather against your skin.

As always, we look forward to the next great things to come from Flashbang and can't thank Lisa enough. She has revolutionized the concealed carry industry for women. Check out to purchase your holster today or visit Flashbang for more information at
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