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Concealed Carry Options
Since seeing Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry movies, I have had a fascination with shoulder holsters. When it comes to wearing a formal suit or sports coat, there is almost no better form of concealed carry than the classic Shoulder holster.  Hi Jessica with Guns and Lace here with this month's "Gear for Girls"review. Galco Gun Leather has been around since 1969 and is known for their holsters by both law enforcement and civilians alike. As a career girl who has, until the last year, been stuck at a desk in a corporate environment, my job often required me to wear a business suit with jacket over a button down blouse and belted tailored slacks. Other than on the waistband, my carry options were suddenly limited by my wardrobe. I found that a proper fitting shoulder holster can be a very comfortabe carry rig and classic solution to the corporate business suit.

Now here is where it's not as easy as it sounds. Finding a shoulder holster that fits the female form nicely and doesn't leave you feeling all trussed up like a roping tree in a lariat competition can be a challenge. Galco Holsters sent me their shoulder holster to try out and though it's unisex and not specifically for women it actually has enough range of adjustment to fit a woman quite well.  With a semi automatic or small frame revolver it keeps your handgun easily accessible and yet well hidden under your coat. One of the things I like most about it's the range of adjustments form it to your figure and keeps your holster and rig laying flat and in place where it belongs.  The holster itself with button down strap held my Glock 42 securely and comfortably and the spare mag holder on the other side balances out nicely. For those in Law enforcement or so inclined there is even a loop for handcuffs. :)
Galco Gunleather

Classic Lite Shoulder Holster Available for:
Charter Arms
Kel Tec
Para USA

Metropolitan - Laptop Bag
Available in Black

Wisteria - Handbag
Available in Brown and Black

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The draw is across the body, and very quick. Wearing a suit coat all day has its own drawbacks, but for many who have to be dressed formally, a shoulder holster can be just the ticket to keep your carry piece quickly available yet out of sight.

Alright, so you're one of the lucky ones, whose office attire is that of the typical programer wearing flip flops, shorts and a t-shirt, who would no more be caught in a business suit with shoulder holster than you would be jumping out of a cake at a Shriner's convention. If the only constant in your wardrobe is the laptop bag you sling over your shoulder that goes with you everywhere you go Galco has a pretty cool offering for you. The Galco carry laptop bag is a well designed merging of laptop bag and carry bag. With pockets for cell phone, pen and spare mag designed to make the purest of computer geeks happy and most importantly for our purposes, a dedicated and well hidden handgun pocket with velcroed in holster and locking zipper.  The fabric and stitching are high quality and its styling is really fashion forward.  I LIKE it!

Headed out for the evening in a micro mini and skin tight top, you're going to need a way to pack your Ruger LC .380 or Smith and Wesson Airweight with you. After all, your handgun is not going to do you any good in a self defense situation locked in the safe at home while you're out enjoying your weekend off. While I'm not personally much for purse carry, it's sometimes the only viable option in a tight dress or headed to the gym for yoga. The downside to purse carry is that your purse is often the target for a mugger and if your gun is in it and your purse is stolen or grabbed, your protection goes with it. That being said, walking out of the mall into a parking garage is a lot more comfortable with your hand in the pocket of a carry purse on the butt of your fully loaded 9mm. Galco has a nice carry purse offering, that is both stylish and inconspicous, for the gun toting woman. Made of ultra suede, it's a very nice looking bag, with two large compartments that hold tons of stuff. The weighted strap keeps the bag closed, but personally for security, I would prefer that the compartments zip. Being the organized type, a few small pockets similar to the laptop bag would be nice. The bag is well stitched, with a lining that screams quality, and durability for a long lasting purse. For me the thing that makes this purse special and puts it high on my list is that the handgun pocket is unobtrusive and hidden completely between the two main compartments. Accessible from a locking side zipper only, it's very discreet and takes a trained eye to recognize this as a carry purse.

All in all, three very nice options to carry with! Learn more at or on our website at Subscribe to our Youtube channel at to stay up on all the latest Guns and Lace "Gear for Girls" and much much more.
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