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So ladies, who wants to go to the range hauling a rifle, range bag, tripod and spotting scope. The more gear I've to pack and haul the less chance I will get to the range. Any time you start shooting distance, it becomes difficult to see the holes in the paper and some kind of optic, becomes necessary in order to see your groups. No spotting scope and,a lot of walking back and forth to see your target becomes necessary.

Mike Mooty, the owner of Ghost Targets, gets it and offers a fun and easy solution to the paper target blahs. His simple, but smart Ghost Targets are small, white, bio-degradable chalk like disks, that explode into white powder when hit.  Put a rubber band around one and hang it with a paperclip and you have a visual, poof of proof, when you hit one.  Try Saying  proof of poof, fast three times!


Safe for shooters of all ages

Affordable Targets
Made in the USA
You can trim the load and leave the spotting scope at home, as the explosion of white powder is quite visible even at 100 yards. The whole crew cheered at the first hit, and suddenly every one wanted to shoot distance to see if they could hit them. What can I say, it's the simple things in life. My targets arrived in a bag, with rubber bands and paperclips, there was an assortment of sizes, from dime size to approx half dollar size. At distance these are small white dots.  As Mike says, if you practice hitting smaller targets, hitting the big ones gets easy.  Even at 7 yards tagging a white disk the size of a quarter with a pistol elicits a pretty big war whoop.  I simply hung a half dozen Ghost Targets from their paperclips and rubber bands from a couple of wire hooks made out of baling wire and we had a fun, interactive target setup. It was amazing how these simple targets had everybody riveted and watching for the next explosion of white powder.

Some times all it takes to get rid of the paper target blahs and up your game is a simple idea. The name itself says it all, because when you hit them, they just disappear!
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