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Hi, I'm Jessica from Guns and Lace.  As a woman that works in an office, is often at social events and wears dresses and evening wear, I find concealed carry options are often limited by the planned wardrobe. A tight clingy dress, leaves almost no options for concealed carry other than perhaps a carry purse or a bra holster. Even those options can be quickly ruled out if the evening calls for a small clutch or a "no bra" outfit. A garter holster can still allow for comfortable carry of a small semi-automatic or revolver in a tight fitting dress or skirt.  

Andrea of was sweet enough to send over a couple of samples of her garter holster. She identified early on, that carrying for her was a chore if she had to change the way she dresses so she created The Gun Garter. the strap with a built in holster velcroes around the inside of the upper thigh, and is worn cross draw when wearing a tight or form fitting dress.  It can also be worn on the outside of the thigh if wearing a more flowing, or ruffled skirt.  In either case,  sitting, standing and walking are comfortable and aside from a bit of modesty lost lifting the skirt to draw, it keeps the firearm within easy reach.

Recommended for pistols one pound or less:

Beretta Tomcat .32
Charter Arms "Lady" Revolver
Diamondback DB380, DB9
Kahr P-380
Kel Tec P-3AT, P-32
MasterPiece Arms MPA32, MPA 380
NAA Guardian .32
NAA Mini-revolver .22 magnum
Ruger LCP
Seecamp LWS .32
S&W "J" Frame
S&W Bodyguard .380
Walther PK380, PPK, PPKS, PPS
I found the fabric comfortable and not itchy, easy to put on and forget you were wearing it. Andrea has woven in a strip of silicone elastic to help create a non slip surface.  The garter is designed for up to a one pound pistol, like the Ruger LCP or even smaller, the NAA Sidewinder.  Smaller is better when it comes to this method of carry.

Any woman will tell you that long term, gravity is the enemy, and when it comes to a garter holster, the lighter the firearm, the less chance of the garter slipping down your leg and ending up around your ankle. The pocket for the pistol is sewn in and should be worn so the fabric completely covers the trigger. Alway practice your draw with an unloaded gun and adhere to all of the recommended safety procedures for handling a firearm.

If you are a jogger, going dancing at a hard rock club or going to be doing jumping jacks this wouldn't be my first choice.  But for normal walking around in a dress, sitting at your desk, gliding around a formal event the gun garter is certainly an interesting and might I add, sexy way to conceal carry!
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Guest - 08/16/13
Thank you for such a professional review and for helping to promote carry options for women.