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S&W MODEL 10 .38S

Caliber: .38 S&W Special +P
Capacity: 6 Rounds
Barrel Length: 2"
Front Sight: Black Blade
Rear Sight: Fixed
Overall Length: 8.875" / 22.5 cm
Action: Single/Double Action
Frame Size: Medium - Exposed Hammer
Weight: 36 oz / 1,020.6 g
Grip: Pachmayr Pistol
One of the most popular handguns of all time, the Smith & Wesson Model 10 has been produced in numbers well into the millions.  Used by many police forces until the semi-auto gained popularity, many countries produce copies of it for their own law enforcement agencies.  Available still as a new gun from the manufacturer, it's a simple to maintain, easy to use, reliable weapon.

As handguns go, its .38 caliber bullet packs a solid punch, and can handle the .38P on a limited use basis to supplement its capability and deliver hard hitting power from a small frame. While it may not be the most accurate pistol on the range, it has a comfortable grip that fits most hands well. Add a set of Pachmyer grips like on the one we shot with, and it's rock solid. This little snub nose special delivers a surprisingly consistent 3" grouping at  5 yards. The trigger pull is smooth, the blade sight is clean and easy to line up and the cylinder releases easily and shuts with a flip of the wrist and a nice snap.  When you fire a short barrel model 10, you better have ear protection because its bark is that of a much larger dog. Popular with both men and women, this pistol is affordable, packs a punch, and has earned its place in our hearts.  

Age: 28
Height: 5'3"
Hair Color: Brunette
Hair Length: Long
Eye Color: Brown
Status: Single
Lives in: Washington

Favorite Gun: S&W .38 Model 10
Snub Nose Revolver

Favorite Book: Outlander
Favorite TV Show: 24
Favorite Movie: Die Hard

Favorite Band: Queen
Favorite Drink: Chai Tea Latte
Jessica is an insurance company super agent by day, and gun enthusiast on the weekend.  Jessica's gun of choice is a Smith and Wesson snub nose 38! Now how's that for Life Insurance!?

Jessica spends time shooting, boating on the Puget Sound and writing poetry at her favorite Seattle bistro on the waterfront.  Ask Jessica about movie genres and you won't hear this girl mention any sappy chick flicks.  Actor's names like Willis, Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Rourke and Snipes will come up. She says it's best...

 "If they are not shooting or blowing stuff up, it just is not a movie worth watching!"
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Guest - 08/19/12
Should call this one guns and leather! A Bikers dream!
Guest - 06/26/12
I used to carry one of these with a 3 inch heavy barrel - the extra length doesn't really affect concealability but makes it more accurate and the heavy barrel can take more powerful +p+ rounds
Guest - 04/30/12
Not a bad start..
Guest - 03/17/12
Yes Please! I want some more!
Guest - 03/01/12
.38 snub is a great carry gun!
Guest - 02/20/12
Incredible... I love the Smith and Wesson snub nose .38, don't think I would want to get on the wrong side of Miss January!