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Patented Illuminated Handguard
Type: AR15 Semi-automatic
Origin: United States
In service: Present
Model: 5.56
Cartridge: 5.56 NATO/.223
Action: Gas Impingement
Barrel Length:10.5 inches
SBR Rifle Length  inches
Muzzle Device: Hardened Arms Razorback

Handgaurd: LumaShark(TM)
   Construction: CNC T6061-T6
   Illumination: 2x Dazzler LED

   Bulbs: 2 CREE 1150 Lumen
   I68 Waterproof to 16ft
   Batteries: 4 CRS123(a)
   or 4 CRS123(a) rechargeables
   Handguard weight: 19.4oz
   (including batteries)
   Top rail: Picatinny
   Accessory mounts: MLOK
   Finish: Type III Anodizing

Comes with a cool keychain tool to easily change bulb types in the field
  Rail options:
       Infrared bulbs
       Pressure Pad
       Medium Lumen (500)
       Low Lumen (200)

"Blinded by the Light!" Wow, since I'd the opportunity to see and shoot the new Hardened Arms SBR with their patented LUMASHARK (TM) Illuminated Handguard I can not stop singing those lyrics. 4 years in the making, three of them in patent hell, this new offering stands poised to revolutionize rifle illumination. Milled out of 6061- T6 aluminum the built-in illumination tubes of this ergonomic 12" handguard get the "OMG! Why didn't I think of that award of the year!" Compact, surprisingly light at just under 20 ounces and streamlined; this rail addresses all of the problems associated with bolt on flashlights.

Can you say "Light Me Up!?" The bulbs that come in the LumaShark will light the night! No fumbling, just click the gloved hand buttons and you are in charge of the rays of the sun. This thing is stunning (pun intended). It is designed to be so bright as to dazzle an animal predator, human intruder or perpetrator.  Law Enforcement is excited about the potential of hitting a bad guy with a total of 2300 lumens of dazzling bright white light, enough light, to hopefully help break what they call the Oodle circle of intent and get the bad guy to stop, think about what he is doing, and give up! 

You will be able to see in the woods on the darkest of nights. The O-ringed tubes that house the extremely bright CREE 1150 Lumen bulbs protect the bulbs from dust and water and from getting caught on branches, trees, or ripped off on the side of a door jam or rock. A good friend in LE was telling me he had twice caught his patrol rifle bolted-on flashlight up in the radio cord of his patrol car and ripped the handset right out of the radio. He was excited about the LumaShark just to stay out of trouble with the chief!

Now I do not want to be remiss in reviewing the Hardened Arms SBR, but we actually have done a review on this very model and you can read that here.  Space being limited I just can not stop gushing about their new handguard. I talked to Pat, who is a true innovator, over at Hardened Arms and he explained to me how much effort they put into making this thing user friendly for the shooter.  The shape is perfect for small hands up forward on the rail, comfortable to hold by the lights themselves, it fits the palm like a glove, and even competition shooters will be able to put fingers on the underside of the handguard between the lights and wrap their thumb up on top of the rail for their distinct style of shooting. 

This thing is so sexy, I expect to see it showing up in Sci-Fi movies with big name action stars! Add on options available include IR bulbs for night vision use, low and medium lumen bulbs, single or double tube on, pressure pads, recessed buttons and red laser!  It is available as a free float upper or complete rifle to the public. LE can purchase just the free float handguard and barrel nut. At the time of this printing, Hardened Arms is working on a versions for A2 style rifles, single and triple light variants and LumaSharks for other popular rifle platforms!  "You light up my life.... you give me hope...." Wow, another song stuck in my head! 5 stars and a Guns Up Salute on this one! - Anna

Age: 28
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color : Red
Hair Length: Medium
Eye Color: Green
Status: Single
Lives in: Washington

Favorite Gun: .22 semi-auto
Favorite Book: The New Jim Crow
Favorite Show: Game of Thrones
Favorite Movie: Hackers
Favorite Actor: Tom Hardy
Favorite Band: Big Grams
Favorite Drink: La Croix
Favorite Food: BBQ Ribs

Favorite Quote: "Don't treat people the way you want to be treated - treat them the way they want to be treated!" - unknown
Diana is this month's beautiful and creative Guns and Lace girl. When not abroad traveling you will find her modeling, acting, sculpting, painting, teaching or enjoying the outdoors.  Diana dates a man who is currently living in Australia and she knows first hand about how restricted their rights to own a firearm are over there.  "They basically confiscated everything over there! Modern, classic, rifle, shotgun, pistol, it didn't matter, they confiscated them and then just cut them all up! The crime rate has soared since. We have to protect our 2nd Amendment rights and our Constitution from politicians, especially those who think Australia is who we should pattern gun control after!" -Diana
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