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M1 Carbine

Weight: 5.2 lbs
Length: 35.6 inches
Original cost: $45
Barrel length: 18 inches
Action: gas operated
Magazine: 15 round detachable
Ammo: .30 cal 110 gr
Velocity: 1970 ft/s
Range:  300 yards
(effective range 200)
The M1 Carbine was designed by a team of designers from Winchester to answer the call of creating a lighter  rifle for the military. In 1941 the .30 caliber M1 Carbine entered production and until 1945 saw a run of over 6 million rifles made. It was originally purposed as a lightweight firearm for those that had to carry heavier loads in the field such as mortars, machine guns and radio gear. Rear echelon cooks, supply and support personnel also carried it for security.  The tank corp, facing the tight interior spaces of their tanks, appreciated its size and for the same reason a folding stock version was made for paratroopers. It bears no similarity other than name and a rotating bolt design to the M1 Garand.

I was very excited to get my hands on the M1 Carbine and try it out.  My Grandfather told me stories of this rifle from WWII and how much lighter it was than his M1 Garand. I found the M1 Carbine, at 5.2 lbs vs 9.5 lbs for a full size M1 Garand, sweet and light. It fit my smaller frame like a pair of expensive designer jeans. Though showing character marks and wear from use, the wood stock was smooth and warm in my hands. This rifle felt as though it had been custom made just for me. I literally fell in love with it before I even pulled the trigger.

The 15 round magazine slapped home with ease, and the bolt racked easily with no worry about fingers getting in the way. The push button safety was made for even a novice, and I found operating this rifle as simple as shooting a .22 cal range rifle at kid's camp. Nothing to worry about here, just tuck it tight to the shoulder, lean in, safety off, sight down the simple blade sights and squeeze the trigger. BANG! SWEET! Love at first sight!  My first grouping was tight and to the left at 25 yards, I simply turned the knob on the rear sight and brought her shot placement satisfyingly to the right. I found the rifle accurate and all that it should be. With over 6 million of the M1 Carbines made, this rifle saw service in almost every conflict from 1941 until the early years of Vietnam.  Only the lighter stopping power of the .30 cal round and a tendency to not cycle well in extreme cold temperatures while in Korea date this rifles performance.

When it comes to the M1 Carbine, I'm a big, big fan, for me this could well be one of my top choices for my "end of the world" gun. It doesn't get all that cold where I live and my size only allows me to carry so much weight. My AR15 and AK47 get heavy after a short while and my Mosin takes three men and a boy to carry (any volunteers?). The M1 Carbine, at just over 5 lbs, is light and easy to pack. The weight savings translates into me being able to carry extra ammo, more food and water and still have room left for my lipstick!  -Anna

Age: 28
Height: 5''3"
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Medium
Eye Color: Green
Status: Single
Lives in: Washington

Favorite Handgun: Beretta 92 SF
Favorite Book: The Great Gatsby
Favorite Show: The Sons of Anarchy
Favorite Movie: Man Apart
Favorite Actor: Johnny Depp
Favorite Band: Theory of a Dead Man
Favorite Drink: Orange Creamsicle
Attention! Right Face! Forward, Har! Now, march your heart right over to the fantastic and very hot July Miss Guns and Lace girl Contessa.  She not only is an all American girl, she is an all American Service Woman.  We would tell you what branch of the military she is in, but then she just might have to shoot you. Can this girl shoot?! Damn straight she can!  Her role in the military includes maintaining and processing weapons and arms and she's seen duty in foreign lands.  What better way to celebrate America's birthday than with Fireworks and the lovely Contessa.

You will find her living in Washington, currently serving her country on active duty and defending you from that which goes bump in the night! Our hat's off to you Contessa, and all of our fine military service men and women for the job you do and the sacrifices that you make to keep us safe and preserve the freedom of this great country! 

Contessa is one tough girl, but at heart she is a romantic, here is her favorite quote: There once was a little girl who never knew love, until a boy broke her heart. Then she met the man of her dreams!
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Guest - 09/18/13
Iove my m1 carbine too i wish i had a folding stock
Guest - 03/30/13
Sign me up!
Guest - 02/02/13
Great pic. Power and beauty combined.
Guest - 01/10/13
How is she single? An absolutely stunning woman.
Guest - 07/01/12
I've known Contessa for almost 20 yrs. and I've watched her blossom into who she is today. I give a GREAT BIG CONGRATS.
Guest - 07/01/12
I trained with Contessa in VA and I'll vouch that she is a dam good shot and can handle any weapons given to her!
Guest - 07/01/12
My M1 Carbine is my favorite weapon that's in my arsenal. IF even beats out my AR-15, all my AK's, and my 1911 for weapons that I just plain love to shoot.