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Manufacturer: IWI, US Inc.
Model: Flattop 16.5 inch barrel, 5.56x45mm
Design: Bullpup
In Service: 2001 to present
Country of Origin: Israel
Weight: 7.9 lbs
Overall Length:
26.1/8 inches
Barrel: chrome lined barrel made in Israel
Barrel Length: 16.5 inches
Action: Gas piston operated, rotating bolt
Magazine: 30 round detachable
Ammo: 5.56 x 45mm NATO
Velocity: 2,986 ft/s
Flash Hider
Ambidextrous: Yes

In Israel they take their security and weapons' design very seriously. Just search the internet for women with guns and you will see many pictures of young Israeli women in the military, wearing civilian clothes with an AR15 slung over a shoulder. In their off time they're required to carry a weapon at the ready with a loaded magazine within reach. No matter if at the beach or out shopping, the IDF wants to make sure their people are safe from terrorists.

The Israeli TAVOR is a .556 caliber, polymer rifle, that is a bullpup design intended  for close quarters and medium range urban use.  Its 26 1/4 inch length, compact polymer construction, black color, and ergonomic design, make it ideal for room clearing, tight quarters, and just plain looking cool! ;)  

While I know bullpup designs (where the bolt is set back in the stock of the rifle allowing the overall length of the rifle to be shorter) are a love 'em or hate 'em concept. I personally love them.  Where bullpups tend to fall short, is in the trigger mechanisms.  Many rifles in this class, especially conversions, have a bit of slop in the trigger due to connector rods that tend to flex. The TAVOR, though, not a light trigger by any means, it's firm all the way through the pull and has a crisp trigger break. I appreciated the fact that it felt like it was designed into the rifle, rather than done as an after thought.

The left side charging system, is super convenient and easy to use, I liked it better than a traditional AR15 charging handle. Unlike some rifles the handle doesn't move when you fire the rifle, so there is no worry about knuckles and fingers getting in the way of the handle as the bolt resets since this one is not reciprocating. The bolt locks open when the rifle is empty. The magazine release is just forward of the mag, and the bolt release is within easy reach of the mag on the left side, which makes magazine changes easy and quick to get back into "ready to fire" mode. Field stripping the rifle is a very simple one pin, slide out, that anyone can do. I'd no worries about even breaking a nail on this one!

Our rifle had a nice EOTECH optic on it and was spot on for all of the close shooting and mid-range work we did. There is a unique built in set of pop up sites that nestle into the top rail, and I especially liked the quick disconnect sling mounts that are set up for left or right hand use.

At 7.9 pounds the TAVOR doesn't fall into the super light category, but because of the bullpup design and composite construction, it's very well balanced.  This is one of the main pluses over a traditional rifle. Less barrel weight, leveraged out in front of you, keeps the weight back and off your arms. Once your arms are tired, accuracy goes to... well you get the idea.

Canada has had the TAVOR for a few years now, but we've had to wait for a modified action in order to satisfy the US government, (is that possible?). They evidently wanted to make sure that we'd not all convert over, and go "full auto" and run amok! Though I would love to shoot the TAVOR full auto, I was excited to get to shoot one of the 3,500 semi-automatic TAVORs to hit the US civilian market this year. With the EOTECH site on it, I found it spot on at 25, 50,and 75 yards. I love the 5.56 round and the fact that this bullpup uses a rifle round, rather than a pistol round.

With the small numbers in the run this year, and a lot of excitement about the rifle, I expect these are going to be hard to get. At the range, a crowd gathered around me to get a look at its cool lines and ask about the TAVOR's modern look and construction. Though it's pretty space age looking, make no mistake, the design of this rifle was not dreamed up by some corporate marketing department, it was created for the very serious business of securing a nation. - Anna

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