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Colt  Defender

Country of Origin: US
Manufacturer: Colt Manufacturing Company
Action: Semi auto
Frame: Steel
Caliber: .45acp
Cerakote/Stainless Steel Finish
Barrel Length: 3.0 inches
Overall Length: 6.75 inches
Weight: 1 lbs 9oz
Safety: Backstrap and external
Grips: Hogue
Magazine: 6 round single stack
Sights: Three dot, low profile
You might have heard it said, I don't dial 911 I dial 1911.  Designed in 1911 this tried and true genre of pistol has seen conflicts worldwide, from military to self defense and Law Enforcement use 1911's have a pedigree that would put Paris Hilton's dog to shame.  Throw in the tried and true name of Colt and you know you're going to be most of the way to handgun Nirvana by the time you finish this review.

So what is not to like about a 1911 you ask?  Well, honestly from a woman's perspective two things, weight and size. Feminists keep your panties on, I know it drives you crazy that I might intimate that we girls are the weaker sex but truth be told a full size 1911 is hard to hide in a "Flashbang Bra Holster" or a "Garter Holster" no matter how you put it.  God gave us girls curvy hips and more than a few challenges when it comes to concealed carry, the 1911 full size platform just doesn't help solve the CCW problems.  Then there's the Colt Defender, with it's demur 3" inch barrel and the words "Lightweight" engraved on its stainless steel frame, bless you Colt for a 1911 this girl can carry in the waist band without having to ask everyone if this carry piece makes my hips look fat!

So now that we have the fashion/carry discussion out of the way.

When it comes to accurate, the Colt Defender is more than capable as a self-defense handgun.  At 3 inches long the barrel is very sensitive to the shooters skill set and I would dare say is more up to job of putting lead accurately in tight groups than I am. Still even off hand I  was able to consistently hit without a problem at 25 yards.  I am all about self-defense and as most of us know 7-15 feet is where most self-defense shootings happen. The three dot sights were easy to see and get back on target and the action was smooth. This is not a race gun by any stretch of the imagination but it fired every time consistently, with smooth mag changes aided by the angled mag well and the feeling of security created by the Hogue grips. Besides the traditional slide safety, I also appreciated the backstrap safety on this model.  The skeletonized aluminum trigger is a nice  touch it broke nicely without any slop. I think most shooters appreciate the beauty of a good looking handgun and the brushed stainless steel and Cerakote finish on the Defender are certainly a head turner.  In my opinion the Colt Defender is a great choice for a concealable handgun on the 1911platform.  -Anna
Rhiannon Marie

Age: 24
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Long
Eye Color: Green
Status: Single
Lives in: Washington
Favorite Gun: AK47
Favorite Actor: Robert Downey Jr.
Favorite Book: Fight Club
Favorite Show: Game of Thrones
Favorite Movie: Nightmare Before Christmas
Favorite Band: Five Finger Death Punch
Favorite Food: Hawaiian Pizza
Drink: RockStar

Favorite Quote: "If it's to be, it's
up to me!"
After a recent Comicon, over cosmopolitans, Guns and Lace girl, Justyce and I were discussing what makes our comic book and action heroes (especially the female ones) so alluring. We came to the conclusion, after a second round and a sinfully large plate of nachos, that their secret was confidence and a complete lack of fear when faced with any manner of villains, adventures or dangerous situations. We discussed heart rate, adrenaline and facing down real and imagined fears.

It wasn't until I met Rhiannon Marie, this month's Guns and Lace girl that I experienced this type of almost ethereal confidence first hand.  Underneath her 5 foot tall, sweet, green eyed, girl next store, beautiful exterior there is a quiet steel core like strength that brings a fearless spirit of adventure and willingness to overcome any challenge without hesitation.  It is a quality that I admire and is so rare in our gender these days. What you might ask, is the big deal about being a Guns and Lace girl that requires such bravado and fearlessness? You try traveling 150 miles, negotiating freeways, ferry schedules and small town navigation to an industrial studio to meet with photographers, makeup artist and a wardrobe stylist in a room full of guns. Then pose for photos for hours in your underwear and various stages of undress. Then finish your photo shoot and go to a private home for dinner with a bunch of people that you barely know. Out of bed at 0'dark thirty the next morning to head out to the back woods to do live fire shooting with all manner of firearms including full auto without so much as a hint of anxiety or elevation in heart rate.  In my book, that makes for one bad ass, real life action heroine that we can all admire. Guns Up Salute to you Rhiannon Marie, you're what Guns and Lace is all about!
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Guest - 02/02/15
Classy lady
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I like your Tattoo!!!
Guest - 07/01/14
shoes are*
Guest - 07/01/14
try to change the background color to red - the shoes is also back a wired view ;) but nice model
Guest - 06/30/14
Beautiful lady and nice form on the range, not intimidated by that Colt at all.
Guest - 06/30/14
Guest - 06/30/14