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Manufacturer: FN Herstal USA
Weapon type: Assault Rifle
Short-stroke gas piston operated
semi-automatic rifle
, folding stock
Effective Range 330 yards
Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO (223 Rem.)
Overall length: 37.8 in
Barrel length: 16"
Weight empty:  7.3 lb
Magazine capacity: 30
How do you describe perfection? A beautiful girl and a near perfect tactical rifle, that's how. The FHN SCAR L -16s is an impressive semi automatic rifle. Designed to replace the aging M16 this rifle has all of the guts of an infantry man hitting the beach, it's aggressive, accurate, strong, and deadly, not to mention good looking in full battle dress. Though US SOCOM at this time does not seem to have embraced it for the standard infantry rifle, the reasons would seem to be more about budget than performance. The manufacturers retail on the SCAR-L we were shooting  is $2,696.56.

Dependable, accurate and easy to clean, able to utilize standard 5.56x45mm NATO ammo and M16 magazines, this one would make every soldier I know more excited than a kid with a Happy Meal. FN Herstal on their website says, " The innovative gas-operated, short stroke piston reduces fouling for greater reliability. It sports a free floating, cold hammer-forged Mil-spec barrel with hard chromed bore." All short stroke jokes aside, we experienced no jams. We found the ambidextrous features lefty friendly and a welcome touch for those who need it.

The SCAR features an anodized alloy upper receiver, polymer lower receiver and a 16 ways to Sunday adjustable, folding stock with adjustable cheek rest. The polymers help keep the weight down and the adjustments make for one very ergonomic rifle. The rail system and detachable side rails are versatile for adding on your favorite optics, laser, flashlight or other hanger on. With its gas system and muzzle break I noticed very little recoil to this rifle. Re-acquiring the target was a dream and accuracy was very good at 25, 50 and 100 yards. Without a wire cross in the post sight to center align on, I struggle a bit. Circle post sights are a little disconcerting for me, but that is just a personal preference and in no way takes away from the SCAR.  Accuracy is spot on with 2 inch and better groupings at 50 yards. There was no noticeable flip, and I kid you not when I say there was very little recoil.  I put 30 rounds down range and then swapped out the 30 round magazine with another and didn't even think twice about it.  The forward rail never got hot and I've no doubt the rifle would have gotten heavy in my arms before my shoulder got sore. If I was in charge of procurement, I think this rifle would be in the arms of our service guys and gals as they work to keep us safe! Guns Up Salute to the SCAR! - Anna

Age: 23
Height: 5''6"
Hair Color: Brunette
Hair Length: Medium
Eye Color: Hazel
Status: Single
Lives in: Washington

Favorite Handgun: Glock 19
Favorite Book: Slapstick by Kurt Vonnegut
Favorite Show: Carnival
Favorite Movie: Goldfinger
Favorite Band: Jets to Brazil
Favorite Drink: Rainer Beer

When it comes to Italian neighborhoods, Seattle can not hold a candle to New York's Little Italy. Don't doubt for a minute though when it comes to Serenity Rome, Guns and Lace's beautiful Miss June, Seattle is on equal footing. Not to mention that she knows her way around the coffee houses of Seattle and how to make an Italian Espresso.  A barista, at one of Seattle's many boutique coffee places, customers often forget all about their order once they look into her eyes.

Like the coffee she pours, Serenity is fully capable of getting your blood moving and keeping you up late thinking about her.

From the movie Amelie, Serenity's favorite movie quote is: "I've never been anyone's little weasel."
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Guest - 02/26/13
The lovely lady and the gun get my vote. I have the SCAR Light's big brother the SCAR 17S.
Guest - 06/07/12
The SCAR has been one of my dream guns for quite a while! Love it!
Guest - 06/04/12