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Glock 34 Custom

Type: Semi-automatic
Origin: United States
In service: Present
Model: Glock 34
Barrel length: 5.31in
Cartridge: 9mm NATO
Action: Blowback
Slide Lightening
Front Cocking Serrations
RMR Sight Cut
Tuned Recoil Spring
Custom Stippling
Double Undercut Trigger Guard
Sight: Trijicon RMR
ZEV Fulcrum
Light: Streamlight TLR-1
What's not to love about a 9mm Glock? After all it's the force multiplier used by many police departments, sheriff's offices, private security contractors and the firearm of choice for a large number of private citizens. Practically indestructable, dependable, ergonomic, we all know the benefits of this firearm. But.... did you ever wish for just a bit more? I didn't really until I was visiting our friends and sponsor, Hardened Arms, in the beautiful and quaint community of Friday Harbor, Washington and couldn't resist an offer to try out Pat's personal modified Glock 34. Pat is the owner at Hardened Arms.

So, what does the owner of a quality firearm company that manufactures AR15s do in the way of mods when he has a full machine shop and multiple gunsmiths on staff at his disposal.  First, a bit of bling and function by sending out the barrel for Titanium Nitride coating. TiN is a slick, hard coating that extends barrel life and resists corrosion, it also looks like polished bronze or gold bullion (be still my heart)!  Out with the stock trigger and in with a new ZEV Industries drop in. Yup, there it's, a sweet break and light pull with no trigger slap. CNC mill work to relieve the slide,  lighten and make it easier to rack. Add the correct aftermarket spring to make it run smooth and perfect while reducing weight and recoil.

Custom stippling on the grip and side of the frame are hand done with an iron to insure a nonslip grip for hand and thumbs. Machining in a relief on top of the slide and threading the screws to allow for tight fit mounting of Trijicom's awesome RMR dual illumination sight allows for easy target aquisition day and night without worrying about dead batteries.

I couldn't believe the difference in the feel when I shot it, lighter, smoother, easier to sight and so ergonomic. Can you say race gun, sure you can, but much to my surprise this wasn't a hard to drive rocket pack hanging you out on the edge of control, these modifications made for a smoother and easier gun to shoot. As a matter of fact, I have to say that the changes from stock made me a better shooter, as I consistently shot better with Pat's modified Glock than the stock handgun. 

Where can you get one like it to shoot? Well, you could come to Friday Harbor and ask Hardened Arm's owner Pat to let you shoot his, or perhaps if we encourage them with a bit of positive feedback, we might just might see some custom Glock mods available out of Hardened Arms in the not too distant future. Pat is not promising yet, but he did say he loves his modified Glock so much that he just might do a limited run of them for others to enjoy.  I'll be one of the first in line for one if and when they're offered, how about you?! - Anna

Age: 27
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color : Black
Hair Length: Medium
Eye Color: Green
Status: Married 
Lives in: Eastern Washington

Favorite Gun: Ruger 9mm Semi-automatic
Favorite Book: Guiness Book of World Records
Favorite Show: America's Got Talent
Favorite Movie: While You Were Sleeping
Favorite Actor: Sandra Bullock
Favorite Band: Pitbull
Favorite Drink: Pepsi
Favorite Food: BBQ Ribs
This month's Guns and Lace girl, Elizabeth Kaye, is an all American woman who understands patriotism, the importance of the 2nd Amendment, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!
An Airforce veteran, dental hygenist, mother, wife and hard worker she enjoys spending what leisure time she has shooting guns, her bow, and camping.  An Eastern Washington girl, she grew up on her parents' farm hunting, doing chores, and living the American dream.

Favorite quote: If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again! - William Hickson
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