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Manufacture Cimarron
Weight: 1.83 lbs
Barrel Length: 3.5 inches
Action: Single
Cylinder Capacity: 6
Caliber: .38 Colt or .38 Special
Finish: Blued
Grip: Walnut
Sights: Groove rear, front blade
When did playing "Cowboys and Indians" become so politically incorrect?  PC or not, a lot of us grew up running around with toy 6 shooters or Mom's makeup and a feather in our hair pretend shooting arrows or bullets at our siblings!

Fast forward a decade or two, add in a bit of nostalgia and you can certainly understand the desire to own this month's feature handgun, the Cimarron Lightning in .38 colt or .38 special. Sporting a true old west look and feel, the .38 Lightning is more of a Parasol Ladies' purse pistol than its bigger Cimarron, western hip rig, big brother, the Thunderer, offered in .45.

The Lightning features a rounded grip, fancy finish and smaller more concealable frame size. This single action 6 shooter does a really nice job of scratching the itch of owning a piece of the "Old West" at an affordable price.  Its fit and finish are nice and it turned more than a few heads when I shot it at the range. I liked the way it fit in my hand, the ejector was smooth, the cylinder rotated with a sweet click, click, as I turned it, hand loading each round one at a time.  Cocking the hammer for each shot was a bit foreign to me, as all of the revolvers I have owned have been double action but you get used to it. The trigger pull was pleasantly light and groupings were consistently good at 15 feet. I'd to aim low and to the left to move my group toward the 10 ring, but I'm sure getting to know the firearm and some practice would dial in my elevation issues.  The pistol sights are little more than a groove and a front blade, so adjusting for my hits being a bit to the right was all Kentucky windage. Recoil was not a factor at all.

Any way you look at it, visions of Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday and Tombstone, Arizona all came to mind as I got to test fire the Cimarron. Next stop the Boot Barn for a new cowboy hat and some sweet cowgirl boots.   -Anna


Age: 29
Height: 5'9"
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Length: Short
Eye Color: Brown
Status: Single
Lives in: Oregon

Favorite Handgun: .22 Revolver
Favorite Book: Ahab's Wife
Favorite Show: Family Guy
Favorite Movie: Sweet Home Alabama
Favorite Actor: Reese Witherspoon
Favorite Band: Pistol Annies
Favorite Drink: Coffee Latte
Favorite Meal: Steak and Sweet Potatoes

Favorite Quote "Carpe Diem" (Seize the Day)
Miranda Johnson, this months beautiful Guns and Lace girl has a favorite quote, it's "Carpe Diem!" She believes you only go around once in life so you better live life to the fullest! She loves the outdoors and spends any time she is not working as a care giver or in class out backpacking, fishing, hunting or riding her motorcycle. A self proclaimed adrenaline junkie she's no qualms about rock climbing or jumping out of perfectly good airplanes! She believes that every woman should know how to protect herself and her family and that it's her right, as guaranteed by the Second Amendment, to carry a firearm.  We agree!
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Guest - 03/29/16
She's one awesome lady.