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Country of origin: USA
Designer: John Browning
Manufacturer: Winchester Repeating Arms Co.
Weapon type: Lever Action Rifle 1894
Manufactured 1915
Caliber: .25 - .35 WCF 117gr
Overall length: 37.8 in
Barrel length: 20"
Weight empty:  6.8 lb
Magazine capacity: 6 rounds
The Winchester repeating rifle is known as "The gun that won the west."  The 1894 Winchester that we reviewed took us back to the days when Winchester broke the mold with a firearm designed to maximize the new Winchester Center Fire (WCF) smokeless cartridges. Able to hold multiple rounds, and equipped with a revolutionary fast lever action reloading that allowed a flurry of fire, these guns were designed for hunting. 7 million Winchester lever action rifles were made and even today a new Winchester lever action rifle can be purchased. Most of the 1894 rifles were designed for the the .30 -.30 but ours is the smaller .25 -.35 making it lighter and easier to carry, perfect for a saddle gun. It has a mild recoil, and was built to be a 100 to 200 yard, hunting rifle.The gun we shot belonged to Jessie's Grandmother, its .25 -.35 round designed for taking antelope, deer, and black bear. It has been said that more game has been taken by Winchester lever action rifles than any other type of rifle in US history. First released in 1894, our rifle was built in 1915, now approaching its hundredth birthday, this Winchester shot well. The lever action was smooth and the trigger break and pull still clean and crisp.  Lovingly worn, the walnut stock shows the years of hunting and oiling. The bluing is wearing away from years of cleaning and care, and carries a deep brown patina that is beautiful in its own right. The  iron sights consist of a simple flip up back and a blade front that still allow good accuracy and though older, she fires like a spirited and experienced lady. Missing only her saddle or sling ring, (something a good internet search should be able to turn up), she is a fine example of an early Winchester lever action rifle. She has served her owners well, putting game on the table and protecting her family.  It was a privilege to shoot this fine American classic. - Anna

Age: 25
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Long
Eye Color: Hazel
Status: Single
Lives in: Washington

Favorite Handgun: 1911
Favorite Book: Catch22
Favorite Show: Fraiser
Favorite Movie: Desperado
Favorite Band: Ted Nugent
Favorite Drink: Margarita
Fairing from Eastern Washington, Jessie grew up with her family living the country life. Dad and brothers all hunt, so it's no surprise Jessie knows her way around a classic Winchester lever action hunting rifle.  Equally comfortable on a horse or backstage coordinating garage band underground concerts and music promotions, Jessie is a confident, sexy, and capable young woman.
From country to techno, she appreciates all kinds of music, likes dogs, cowboys, and pick up trucks. Her hobbies include making jewelry, hiking, and shooting.  Ask her what her choice in movies would be for a night out, and her preference in action movies, and she'll tell you,  "If it'sn't a western, it'sn't really a movie!"
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very nice sexy
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I think I'm in love
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The perfect woman!
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The best!!!!!!!!!!!
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What part of eastern Washington?
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How could you say no to this?
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OMG WOW/// she could be my next ex-wife
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Very beautiful Lady
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OMG - beautiful!!!!