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Country of Origin: Russia
VEPR - Vyatskie Polyany
Robinson Armament Company
Model: AK-47 Rifle
Action: Gas operated
rotating bolt
Caliber: .762 x 39 mm
Barrel Length: 16.5 inches
Receiver: RPK Heavy duty
Length: 35.75 inches
Weight Empty: 8.5lbs
Capacity: Drum or 30 Round magazine
Sight: Fixed blade front/adjustable rear
Stock: Nylon with fiberglass reinforcing
If you like top of the line firearms, then you will want to own a VEPR AK-47. This is not your average Kalashnikov knock off; this is the real deal, creme of the crop, Russian model that kicks ass and takes names.  I know I sound a bit abrupt here, but let me tell you, Guns and Lace girl JJ, is all business when it comes to her AK-47s and this 2000 import is "all that" and more. It is common knowledge that an AK-47 will eat dirt, sand, mud, water, snow, ice, and just about any ammo made from old military ball to match grade (if you can find it) without even a hiccup! They have served all over the world, are probably the most produced, and reliable class of rifle ever put in service. The VEPR is known for standing out amongst them all due to its heavy chrome barrel, beefed up receiver, craftsmanship and care of production. I found the excellent reputation of this rifle to be totally deserved, and in my opinion one of the finest examples of an AK47 I've had the privilege to shoot. In fact, I didn't want to leave the range until every round of 7.62x39mm in the place had been shot up. No jams, no hitches, no clangs, no rattles, nothing but squeeze, fire and hit the center ring. Looking around me it seemed my shooting the VEPR attracted a healthy batch of male onlookers. Damn, I love my job!!!

 From finish to trigger pull, sights to heft this was a sweet AK -47. Accuracy was ridiculously good. If there was one complaint, it was just that the heavy duty barrel adds weight to the fore end of the rifle and in spite of frequent gym trips for this girl, and lots of arm curls, it's a heavy rifle.  Don't hold my physical size against this Kalashnikov design though, because this rifle is all muscle, sinew and strength.  I can tell you many good ol' boys will tell you that AR15s are the Corvette of rifles, but up against a real world full of mud, sand and ice, the VEPR AK47 is the tricked out, showpiece of 4x4s. If you are one of those that stay away from this class of firearm because your movie and TV diet make you think it would be Un-American to own or shoot an AK-47, I encourage you to give it a whirl; you will be surprised at how much fun and just how effective they're. Opposites attract, so if you don't have a high end AK-47 sitting right next to your AR15 in your gun closet, your AR15 is just bound to be lonely. <3 Anna

Age: 26
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: Brunette
Hair Length: Long
Eye Color: Hazel
Status: Single
Lives in: Texas
Favorite Gun: Sig P226
Favorite Author: Tom Clancy
Favorite Actor: Johnny Depp
Favorite Show: The Ultimate Fighter
Favorite Movie: Almost Famous
Favorite Band: Prey for Sleep
Favorite Food: Mexican
Drink: Crown Royal & Coke

Favorite Quote: "You only have to do two things in life, be born and die. The rest is up to you!"
JJ is our first Texas Guns and Lace girl and she is all Texan when it comes to living life large! She works for the Department of Public Safety in the training division for their State Troopers, and if you want to be a Trooper you are going to have to cross paths with Miss JJ! So be polite and mind your manners boys, cause this little spitfire is all dynamite.  From shooting on the range to modeling pinup, dancing,  to working out at the karate dojo, JJ is all life and full of energy.  This girl knows the difference between a good bourbon and a bad one, and if you are going to buy her anything but the best, do so at your own risk.
When JJ's not at work whippin' Troopers into shape you will find her ridin', ropin', and shootin', at the local range, watern' hole or club. No doubt about it, with JJ there, it's HOT in TEXAS!!
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Guest - 05/11/13
Beautiful design!I want one!
Guest - 05/10/13
Guest - 05/01/13
My kind of woman! and gun!
Guest - 04/30/13
JJ, you have my favorite rifle of all time in your arms.