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Tyger DeVille
M1 Garand

Country of Origin: US
Manufacturer: Springfield/
Harvester/Harrington and Richardson
Arms Co.
Action: Semi auto
Caliber: .30 cal
Overall Length: 43.6 inches
Weight: 9lbs 8oz
Magazine: 8 round clip
Sights: Adjustable Iron Sights
"The rifle that won the war..."
"The greatest battle implement ever devised..." 
The M1 Garand with its distinctive ting, ting from the ejecting of its 8 round ammo clip ringing out. The sound was indisputable proof that the American fighting forces had joined in the battle and were there to stay. It was a terrifying sound for the enemy and often the last thing an enemy soldier might ever hear.

The design was a product of Canadian born, American, John Garand and large scale production was begun in 1936. There were in excess of 5,450,000  M1 Garands produced, they saw action as the primary World War II and Korea standard issue service rife and they saw use in Vietnam until the advent of the M14. The M1 is a large caliber, semi-auto, top loading rifle that fires a .30 caliber round at 2750 ft per second. Accurate, powerful and a very capable infantry, its rate of fire gave us an edge on the battlefield. With a bayonet affixed, it's an impressive and recognizable sight indeed.  The rifle has a sling, a place in the butt stock for a cleaning kit and is easy to clear and easy to clean. The safety is on the trigger guard and there is a clip latch button to manually eject partially full clips. Its reputation for reliability was unsurpassed for its time. The only down side to the rifle was that it had a tendency to bite thumbs and finger when pushing down and locking the clip in when the bolt rammed home.

I loved reviewing and shooting this rifle, as its place in history is forever secured as one of the reasons that America is still free today. Its one of the reasons that our enemies did not prevail during the great war. Both my Grandfather and Guns and Lace admin, Jessica's Grandfather carried M1 Garands in the European theater during WWII and so its history is tied to our own in a personal way. Our rifle was purchased from CCA by a US Marine who served in the first Iraq war and whose dream for years was to own this very collectable weapon.  That dream realized via the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) his rifle is pristine, completely refurbished and in like new condition.

Together with Jessica and Tyger, we were a sight at the range, three girls who just could not wait to get a chance to shoot the M1 Garand. Wow, let me say right from the start it did not disappoint! While we felt the recoil of the 150 grain bullet, the rifle was totally manageable and we left the range without any bruises, broken nails or thumb bites. I'd no trouble mastering the action, or loading the clips, though for me it was a two handed operation as I held the bolt latch back to protect my fingers.

The rifle is consistently accurate out to 500 yards and capable considerably longer distances, it's fast loading and very friendly to shoot. We experienced no malfunctions, jams or problems while shooting. Seeing Tyger dressed in her 1940s pinup, with the M1 Garand slung over her shoulder was the perfect visual combination. They were made for each other, I'm quite sure that the sight of her with the M1 Garand would have quickened the heart rate of many a soldier boy headed off to war. - Anna
Tyger DeVille

Age: 29
Hair Color: Red
Hair Length: Long
Eye Color: Blue
Status: Single
Lives in: Washington
Favorite Gun: Dan Wesson 1911
Favorite Actor: Juliette Lewis
Favorite Show: American Pickers
Favorite Movie: Natural Born Killers
Favorite Music: Patsy Cline
Favorite Food: Sushi and Indian
Drink: Stoli Vodka with Soda Water

Favorite Quote: 
“I do not mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it!” - Marilyn Monroe
What's hotter than an M1 Garand, an M1 Garand in the arms of May's pin up girl Tyger Deville. Miss Deville isn't just a beautiful girl in vintage stockings with a 1940's hairdo, she is an NRA instructor and instructs for the "Women and Guns", firearm training company in Federal Way, Washington. In addition, Tyger works in the aero- space industry instructing engineers on company data procedures. In her spare time, Miss May makes beautiful line of custom jewelry out of brass rifle and pistol casings called the the Caliber Collection that are to die for and are featured in her Guns and Lace photo shoot. She models pin up to support charity and enjoys antiquing for vintage clothing and shoes. After work Tyger heads to the dojo for a Brazilian Ju Jitsu and Kick Boxing workout.

This month's feature model Tyger Deville not only owns her fair share of guns, she has the shoes to match and then some! For Tyger, Pinup isn't just a theme for the occasional fun event, it's a lifestyle she lives every day!
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Guest - 02/03/16
Westinghouse did not make M1 Rifles, but Winchester did. See your "Manufacturer" listing, above.
Guest - 01/07/16
When I first saw your picture I almost fell out of my chair. I thought my wife had come back from heaven. You look so much like her when we frst met. You even have the same mischievous smile.
Guest - 12/28/14
Guest - 12/06/14
Wow what a woman! Smart and sexy.
Guest - 12/01/14
Guest - 10/17/14
Wish I was younger and single. I would come a courting.
Guest - 09/13/14
STUNNING and THANK YOU... I Love all that you do. Pin up girl and a Garand!! Hell Yeah!
Guest - 07/03/14
Wow! My favorite gun, and the prettiest girl I've seen on here yet. (Though I am a sucker for red heads.) You are absolutely lovely, and you have a very charming smile, holding that M1.
Guest - 05/03/14
Guest - 05/03/14
Guest - 05/02/14
I may be wrong, but aren't you a vendor at the Puyallup WAC show? I swear I have seen you there