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Country of Origin: US
Manufacturer: Century Arms
Action: Roller Blowback
Safety: Lever "S" safe, "O" fire
Frame: Steel
Caliber: 308
Grips: Polymer
Barrel Length: 18 inches
Overall Length: 40 inches
Weight:  9lbs 2oz
Height: 8 inches
Width:  1.5 inches
Magazine: 2-20, 1-10 round magazine standard
Sights: Rotating rear, circle blade front
The Century Arms C308 is a battle rifle for those of us who just can't afford to satisfy our military rifle desires. Given the high price of an M1 or a Scar, this modern day clone of the HK G3 made from a combination of original overseas parts and a brand new USA made lower receiver and barrel, kicks some serious butt at a retail price of $700.00. I personally like military and historical military rifles, and though it's a bit uncommon for a woman to consistently reach for her Mosin-Nagant when going out shooting, I LOVE battle rifles.

The Century Arms rifle has a very cool roller-delayed blow back operating system. The two-piece bolt assembly consists of a BCG that is held in battery by two sliding cylindrical rollers that engage locking recesses in the mounting block. The end result being that the gas system is very limited in this rifle and so the rifle does not suffer from a lot of the problems associated with a gas inpingment system. This also means it runs well in snow, ice, mud, dirt and sand compared to other gas system rifles.

For a .308, the action is smooth and recoil is surprisingly light. I found the composite butt stock fit me nicely. The rifle came with two twenty round and a ten round magazines. I'm always appreciative of the simple approach to European safeties and the solid lever safety is clearly on or OFF and "Safe" is clearly marked with a big white "S".

The marketing department for Century touts one of the biggest advantages of the clone, other than price, as the top rail that works well for scope or holographic site mounting. The HK 91 had serialized scopes and mounts that were separated from their original rifles and thus created a lot of problems when it came to optics.  

I definitely pulled my camos out for test firing this one, as no other outfit would be appropriate for this woman "operator". All kidding aside, you can hunt, plink or just admire this beautiful rifle that is a nice upgraded clone of a classic military rifle that is still in service in close to 40 different countries around the world. I, by the way, like muzzle brakes as they reduce muzzle rise and up the cool factor and the new Century C308 has standard 5/8" threads so you can add the muzzle device of your dreams without being constrained.  Fun to shoot? Yes. Good accuracy at a 100 yards? Absolutely! Affordable? You bet! Turn your average woman into a tactical operator ready to clear buildings and take out the enemy in both urban and wooded environments??? well not so much, but a girl has to have her fantasy too you know!  If you're as comfortable in Khaki as you're Gucci, this is a great addition to your gun safe! - Anna

Age: 26
Height: 5'3"
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Length: Long
Eye Color: Blue
Lives in: Seattle
Favorite Gun: S&W .38 Special
Favorite Actor: Harrison Ford
Favorite Show: Vikings
Favorite Movie: Snatch
Favorite Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Favorite Food: Steak, Ribs, Burgers
Drink: Hard Apple Cider

Favorite Quote: "Beef, It's what is for dinner!"- unknown
Kimber Collins, this month's stunning Guns and Lace girl is so full of fun and energy, that you can't help but find yourself smiling, joking and feeling great when you're with her. When it comes to guns, self protection, and being an independent woman,  Kimber has a serious side to her.  She is proficient, smooth with her firearm handling and a good shot.

Kimber embraces life and she is definitely not afraid to live it on her own terms. She models, does bids and bookkeeping for a contracting company, has run her own company and is smart as a whip.  Ask her about the anti-gun movement's attack on our gun rights, the government's efforts on banning ammo or the need for more gun laws and you better be prepared to get a well thought out, and firm response regarding the foundation this country is built on. Miss Collins is not shy about expressing  how important the 2nd Amendment is when it comes to keeping our freedoms intact.

Kimber believes a woman should first approach learning to shoot from the stand point of self defense. Then, once she is confident and proficient with her firearm, look around and branch into the shooting sport that interests her. It does not matter if it's hunting, target shooting, or competition, there is a world of fun at the range and in the field, for a women shooters. Guns Up Salute to you Kimber, you're exactly what Guns and Lace is all about! <3 Jessica
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Guest - 07/03/15
Hi. Great photo. I used the HK AG3 in norwegian army 😊
Guest - 05/13/15