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Custom Kydex Holsters
Hi Jessica from Guns and Lace with this month's Gear for Girls Review.

Some of you know that my career in the firearms business has continued to blossom into a full time endeavors and that instruct women full time as a firearm instructor teaching women's handgun and women's concealed carry classes. I also work as a range safety officer at my local range and the sight administrator here at Guns and Lace. Ask any trades person (yes there are now women carpenters) about the importance of their tools and they will all tell you that the right tool for the job is critical and you should never skimp on the tools of your trade.

I've been on the lookout for a holster and mag holders to use for my Glock 42 which is my primary sidearm and also for the training pistol I use for my classes. The Glock 42 debuted in January at Shot show and I received one of the first, which while exciting hasn't made finding a holster for it easy. The clouds parted at the Puyallup Gun Show one Saturday afternoon when Jeff Evans and Rich Wyatt, the owners of NW Tactical Products and I struck up a conversation. Northwest Tactical is a local, Washington State company specializing in custom kydex holsters and mag holder. Inspite
of how new my Glock was Northwest Tactical got me squared away and geared up like a pro.

NW Tactical Products

Gun Holsters
Mag Holders
Knife Sheaths
Handcuff Cases
Tourniquet Holders
Trauma Shear Sheaths
Flashlight Cases
and combinations of some of the above

Coyote Brown
Digital Desert
Olive Drab
Super Cam
Urban Digital
Combos of any two of the above

They offer a 10% discount for Law Enforcement and Military personnel and donate $2.50 of every holster order to the Washington State Law Enforcement Memorial Fund. 

For more information visit:
Each holster is hand-crafted by a production specialist from a sheet of Kydex. What is Kydex you ask, it's a tough, mallable polymer plastic tha when heated holds whatever shape it's molded in. Kydex is flexible enough to holster and draw with but stiff enough to hold the firearms firmly in place . Color choices are black, coyote and coyote black combos. But as you all know, at Guns and Lace our colors are black and red, so Northwest Tactical worked a bit of magic and delivered for us by creating two beautiful holsters and a mag  holder done in our signature red with black trim. For us ladies it's all about the accessories and a little bit of fashion is always a nice addition to our firearms gear so scalloped edges and available custom shaped imprints like stars, heats and roses create an individualized custom look for the woman shooter. Both of my pistols fit these new holsters like a glove and my mag pouch puts the magazines at fingertips. The fit and finish are representative of far more expensive gear and the best part is Northwest delivers tons of value at very fair prices.

The grommets and hardware are substantial and are designed to last with your choice of belt loop attachments at 1.75” or 2" inches. Soft loops are also available if you carry in the waist band.  On many styles the barrel bottom can be made open or closed to accomodate longer revolvers. Each holster is custom made for the individual and molded from one of the many plastic blanks Jeff has on hand in his family owned and operated shop.

To order your handcrafted holster visit or for more information see the full review at subscribe to our youtube channel to be the first on your block to get the latest gear reviews from Guns and Lace
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Guest - 01/20/16
Hi, I'm Jeanette...I'm looking for a shoulder holster. I'm right handed. Also, do they come with magazine holder? Do You sell guns and lasers for them? My email