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Manufacturer: FN Herstal
Produced in: Belgium
Production: 1990 to present
Weight: 5.69 lbs
Length: 26.3 inches
Height: 8.3 inches
Design: Bullpup - semi auto
Barrel length: 16 inches incl. integrated muzzle break
10.4 mil spec version available for LE and military use w/full auto
Frame: Composite
Blow back operation, fires from a closed bolt
Magazine: 50 round top load magazine
Ammo: 5.7 x 28 mm
Velocity: 2800/ftps

Pssssst!  Pssssst!  Is that a PS90? Yes-siree-bob, that is an FNH PS90 carbine, and it will turn heads, like a Guns and Lace feature girl does, quicker than you can blink. Although this is one sexy, curvy, sleek and slender modern weapon, it currently has a downside to it that I'll explain later. A bullpup, composite in frame, steel at heart. Its 5.7x28mm 40 grain bullet was designed as a close quarters round. Having almost twice the velocity of a 9mm, it's supposed to be capable of soft body armor penetration. Even if it's a a light, short range round, it
appears to be all serious business.

The PS90 carbine comes with very tame recoil and a comfortable grip that is a bit different, but allows you to wrap your fingers firmly around it, so you have total control. Your offhand thumb actually slips into the same hole as the trigger and your trigger finger. This rifle looks like something out of a sci-fi movie but the ergonomics of it speak to a lightweight, practical, and easy to use compact weapon.

The PS90 is accurate at shorter ranges, potent and a fine example of what a modern close quarters design should be. It has a detachable plastic magazine that is quite unique. It holds 50 rounds that are loaded sideways and turn as they're fed into the chamber.  An external selector switch acts as the only exterior safety. There is an internal lock, to protect against discharge, should the rifle be dropped.

There is one big problem as I alluded to earlier, the ammo for the PS90 is, as far we found, only produced by FNH. We heard rumor of one other company that makes it, but were told to not even bother trying, because they were out of stock too.  Whether the nonexistent ammo availability is due to supply and demand, or other intervention, isn't clear to us, but when we test fired this one, we were shooting up the last of a partial box that we paid $1.40 per round for from a third party we found on the internet.  Since that time, we haven't been able to put our hands on a single round and this beautiful example of a modern firearm is now little more than a wall decoration until more ammo becomes available.  At close to $3,000 retail, it's a pretty expensive piece of wall art. Indeed!

So the bottom line here, awesome gun + 0 ammo = a rating of 0 in my book.  I think for my money, I would have to go for something that has a more conventional, mass produced, round to ensure that I end up owning more than just a paperweight. Still, I'm grateful to have gotten the chance to shoot and experience the PS90. I loved its feel, found its rounded edges and short range accuracy perfectly suited for a close quarter weapon.  I really hope that FNH will get their act together and up their production of ammunition. We all know that when it comes to shooting, a girl just wants to have fun, and not being able to put lead down range with such a fine weapon in my hands is certainly a drag.  For now the PS90 goes down in my book as a tease that just won't deliver. - Anna

Age: 22
Height: 4'10"
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Medium
Eye Color: Black
Status: Single
Lives in: Washington

Favorite Handgun: Glock .40
Favorite Book:  Blade of the Immortal
Favorite Movie: Princess Mononoke
Favorite Actor: Vin Diesel
Favorite Drink: Pina Colada

Fave Quote "Just because one doesn't have a voice,
doesn't mean they can't feel pain."
Meilyn Saychow's the darling of Seattle's big gun district. What, you didn't know Seattle had a big gun district ?Oh OK, we confess it doesn't, but if it did! Hooah, Hoorah, and Semper Fi cause Meilyn not only stops traffic, she can create a ruckus just by walking down the street. When Meilyn was 17, she went straight to the Marine recruiters office, and with guardian permission, tried to enlist. She was politely told no, she was too small and too feminine to be a Marine.

Undaunted, she went to the Army recruiting office next door and joined the Army instead...throw in some martial arts training in Goon Mai Ya, military weapons training, a passion and love for guns and you have one beautiful, hot, and empowered young lady. A saleswoman by day, part time model and student, you better hold on to what you got, cause Meilyn will up sell, close and have your order number before you can say... Hi my name is...!

They say confident and competent is what makes a woman beautiful, this Guns and Lace girl proves it. Six ways to Sunday!
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Ladies with Guns Freedom for America
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Guest - 10/22/12
I own this gun for about a year. I did not pay 3000 just over 1000. American eagle now makes this round and I was able to find it at gander mountain. I absolutely love this gun!! Brittney