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Manufacturer: Springfield Armory US
Made in: Croatia
Model: XD-S
Weapon Type: Semi auto pistol
Caliber: .45
Frame construction: Poly
Overall length: 6.6 inches
Barrel length: 3.3 inches
Weight empty: 21.5  Ounces
Magazine: 5+1
Sights: Fixed back, red fiber optic front
Grip: Rubber (nurdle)
Safety: Backstrap & trigger safety
Shapely, dark skinned, beautiful, stacked... words used to describe a Guns and Lace girl? Nope, we are talking about the Springfield XDS semi-auto .45 cal carry pistol. A thin profile, high caliber handgun designed from head to toe, to turn heads in the world of self protection carry firearms. 

Its single stack magazine enables a very slim profile that makes in the waist band carry much more comfortable than most other large handguns. With a short barrel length of 3.3 inches, ergonomic design, and strap safety, it's a comfortable and safe option that is refreshing compared to the choices of the past.  Carry permit'ssuance is at a national high, and not surprisingly, despite what the press and many politicians would have you believe, murder rates are substantially down.  We all know that the best gun to carry is the one you have with you when you need it, and I firmly believe that if it'sn't comfortable to carry, it will get left behind at home or locked in the glove box of the car.  Hardly where you need it when out shopping and headed out of the store and meet a bad guy half way to your car.

 The Springfield just feels good on the hip, it sits snug against the body , for me it's much more of a wear and forget accessory, than something I have to think about and make allowances for.  The two part safety lives in the rear butt strap and on the face of the trigger itself. It allows a smooth draw and fast, no fumble, trigger pull. The trigger by the way, is smooth, short and is reminiscent of much more expensive competition handguns.

The mag release is positive and located on both sides. Lefties won't have to reach over the gun to reload.  Positive grip nurdles, (is that a word?),  that is what I call them anyway,  non slip, rounded edge and not cut you up sharp little nurdles on the the grip, equal positive control. The sights are sweet, with two white dots on the rear sight and a red fiber optic on the front make for a fast lineup.  It also contains a unique visual "round in the chamber" indicator to let you know if there is one in the pipe. The Springfield XD-S is also available in 9mm but one of the things I like most about the XD-S I shot is that this .45 caliber model, even though light and carry-able, puts the carry vs. caliber debate to bed.  No one questions the stopping power of a .45 caliber hollow point. If 5+1 is too low a capacity for you, there is an extended mag available that will take your available round count up to 7+1. Put the XD-S in the hands of a well trained and proficient Guns and Lace girl and a perpetrator is going to most likely be in for a very bad day.

The Springfield XDS brings a list of features that show that its designers have put considerable thought into what makes for a good concealed carry firearm. - Anna

Editor's note: Springfield has a retrofit recall for a safety upgrade on the XDS.  No one has been injured but Springfield is the kind of company that cares about your safety and the quality of their products. They go the extra mile and expense of making absolutely sure you only get the best and safest firearms from them.

Age: 28
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Length: Medium
Eye Color: Green
Status: Single
Lives in: Washington

Favorite gun: Walther PPK
Favorite book: 50 Shades of Grey
Favorite TV show: The Walking Dead
Favorite movie: The Beach
Favorite actor: Sean Connery
Favorite drink: B-52
Favorite food: Ribeye steak and Gulf Shrimp
October, I look forward to the changing of the seasons, dressing up for Halloween and of course, introducing Guns and Lace Miss October, the very beautiful and seductive Invy Rose. Invy isn't only beautiful and sweet, she can shoot the eyes out of a jack-o-lantern at will. Invy will tell you that there is nothing scary about guns or a woman with a gun, unless your ways are evil or your intentions are of the monster/zombie less than polite variety.  Invy totally subscribes to the fact that a woman should know how to protect herself and those that she loves.  She works as a full time model, lives in the city and totally believes in the mantra "You gotta live life to the fullest!"  She decided a long time ago that her safety and well being were worth protecting.  "You have to be able to put aside your image of yourself as a girl that likes to bake cookies for her nieces and nephews, do her hair and nails for a photo shoot and be able to step into the role of a girl with a gun, that will do what ever is necessary to stop a predator from hurting you or your family!"
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Guest - 01/02/14
That's the gun I carry Springfield XDS .45 (Good gun to shoot and carry)