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Ruger LC380 LS

Country of Origin: US
Manufacturer: Ruger Firearms
Action: Semi auto
Safety: Slide lock
Frame: Polymer
Caliber: .380
Barrel Length: 3.2 inches
Overall Length: 6.3 inches
Weight: 1lbs 2oz
Height: 4.40"
Width: .90"
Length: 6.00"
Magazine: 6+1 round magazine standard
Sights: Rear fixed, low profile, front fixed
Laser: Red, built into trigger guard
So some of you know that our site creator and admin Jessica, carries a Ruger LCP every day as her primary carry gun. So we thought it only fitting that we do a review on the Ruger LC380 for this month's review. Now, before we start getting all warm and fuzzy about this little ball of fury, I want to be upfront and honest and tell you I'm a 1911, .45 cal kind of gal and so I was a bit skeptical when I approached the Ruger .380 semi-auto.

It took me all of about 3 minutes to figure out though, that this is one functional, efficient and quite impressive handgun! Big diamondback rattler... NO, small but deadly coral snake, yup, you betcha! Let's talk about the size, for man or woman it's perfect for concealed carry, no lugging the big old standard around, the LC380 is just about the size of my hand and fit like a glove. The mag comes with an extended pinky grip and holds six rounds. Our model was equipped with a built in laser sight. While I do not like to rely on them, the intimidation factor is there, an intruder seeing the flash of a laser bouncing off the walls would have to be either stupid or suicidal to walk into 6+1 hollow points in this little bit of black heaven!  

The Ruger has a double action trigger whith a fairly long pull, the trigger does have a definite break to it. I found the take up to be very consistent and comforting.. This model does have an external safety on the slide, a feature I like for home storage. I know there are two schools of thought on this, but personally, I carry with one in the chamber and the safety off. Fine motor skills tend to go the way of the Dodo bird in stress situations, so the less mechanics to mess with the better. 

For a small, light weight, semi-auto, keeping recoil to a manageable level is important, and Ruger has done a fine job of it. Many small concealable handguns bite the hand to the point that range time becomes like a trip to the dentist! The sights were easy to master, with a bit of white paint on the front sight and a white box on the rear, turn the laser on and, well you will be ready to star in the next Zombieland movie, no questions asked. I love the fact that it fits perfectly in almost every woman's concealed carry holster format out there. Several of the girls at Guns and Lace wear Flashbang bra holsters and the Ruger LC380 was made to nestle in right there, no muss, no fuss. Guys you'ren't excluded either, be it a pocket gun, ankle holster, or in the waistband piece it's potent and concealable. I know many in LE that carry this same model as their back up piece.

The Ruger is designed and very, efficient at self defense ranges and out of the box first magazine put all 7 shots in the kill zone on a man sized sillhouette at 15 feet. It is not picky about ammo brands and I experienced no malfunctions, even when deliberately limp-wristing it to see if I could get it to act finicky. So if you're RAMBO and are packing a .45 1911 with you everywhere you go, I will never convince you to make the switch to a smaller, more concealable piece, but even the toughest badass appreciates the concept that 2 is better than 1 when it comes to carrying.  No matter primary or backup, the Ruger LC380 is a solid choice for carrying concealed. - Anna
Heather White

Height: 5'7"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Status: Single
Favorite Gun: AR-15
Favorite Movie: Wreck it Ralph
Favorite Band: Blink-182
Favorite Book: Candy
Favorite Actor: Jennifer Lawrence
Favorite Food: Hawaiian
Favorite Quote: "Sweetened by the Risk"
Heather is an abundant and beautiful flower found throughout Scotland, but like this month's Gun's and Lace girl Heather White, White Heather is both rare and found only in the wild. If you're looking for her, she is most likely  traveling around the country modeling in front of the camera. When she is not on the road, look for her in cold weather climates racing down the snowboard slopes. In the summertime she loves to hike and shoot, when at home, she enjoys preparing delicious home cooked meals and an evening with a good movie! Yup, that's right boys, she not only shoots, she cooks! 

Heather loves adventure and embraces life as a road to be traveled and enjoyed. You won't find her sitting on the sidelines when there is an experience to be had. Heather sums it all up in a beautiful and confident way with her favorite quote, Life is..."Sweetened by the Risk!"
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Guest - 10/01/14
I love the fact that your Guns and Lace models actually shoot! Beautiful!!