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S & W Lady Smith

Manufactured: USA
Manufacturer: Smith and Wesson
Model 60LS Lady Smith
Caliber:.357/.38 special+p/.38 special
Capacity: 5 Rounds
Barrel Length: 2.125"
Front Sight:  Fixed Blade
Rear Sight: Fixed
Action: Revolver
Length: 6.56 Inches
Frame: J
Weight: 21.2 Ounces
Grip: Wood
Finish Nickel

One of my first revolvers was a Smith and Wesson Model 19, so how fitting for me to be reviewing this month's Guns and Lace feature firearm the Lady Smith .357/.38 snub nose revolver.  Now before you men start rolling your eyes over girl's guns and pink Cerakote, let's talk about how potent this nickle finish little self defense firearm really is. I can give you 357 reasons that this one is not a puff gun.  Capable of 5 round of real punishment (heaven help your ears if you have to use it without good ear protection) its 2.125 inch barrel is all flame and thunder with the larger caliber .357.  We used Federal Premium Hydra Shok 158 grain self defense hollow points and even with the heavier J frame it was  potent but the heavier J frame kept the recoil manageable.  Practice makes perfect, and as a purse or hip gun this one makes perfect sense, .357 for carry and a few rounds of practice each trip to the shooting range, followed up by a full box of .38 repetition and keeping sharp and and proficient.The name really says it all here, Lady Smith, fine gunsmith craftsmanship for a Lady, a functional work of art that that is as timeless in my opinion as as Marilyn Monroe and as functional and efficient as "Rosie the Riveter". herself.

Revolver are known for reliability and for the most part if kept clean and serviced they've earned that reputation. I read a review recently on the Lady Smith that was going on and on about how hard the trigger pull is on a Smith and Wesson trigger pull and I agree that it comes stock with a heavy trigger pull (8 pounds). I sent my Model 19 out years ago to have it lightened and it's made a huge difference. You do not need a racegun competition trigger on a self defense gun as too light a trigger spring can bring about light strikes and your reliability goes out the window. Most important is good trigger finger form so that you are not pushing or pulling the muzzle around by too much or too little finger on the trigger.  The trouble comes when we try to take a self defense snub nose and expect it to be accurate at 50 yards, this is a close up and personal weapon and quite will out perform the shooters skills at self defense range.

Kudos to Smith and Wesson for making a quality firearm for us ladies. If you appreciate craftsmanship, fine lines, and jewelry store quality you'll appreciate the S&W Lady Smith Revolver. - Ana

Age: 42
Height: 5''6"
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Length: Medium
Eye Color: Blue
Status: Single
Lives in: Oregon

Favorite Gun: Ruger 9mm
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What does a single mother of three, a state correctional officer, a police academy graduate and a woman who has had to use her handgun to ward off an ex who broke into her house screaming "I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!"  all have in common? Firearm proficiency and our choice for this month's Guns and Lace girl.  Meet beautiful Anessa, a patriot, proud to be America self sufficient doll who is all business when it comes to raising her children right, keeping her family and herself safe and doing whatever it takes to raise 'em up right. When not working to support the kids she enjoys, camping, hiking, fishing, shooting, travel and baking up the perfect peach pie!

A firm believer in the 2nd Amendment, she will tell you that a vote for an anti-gun politician is a vote to dismantle America. So think, speak up and vote, your voice needs to be heard!
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