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Hi Jessica with Guns and Lace with your Mid-Month Gear for Girls Review. Funny, when it comes to large birds like storks and pelicans you can get vastly different reactions if you bring them up in conversations. Mention a stork to a women, and they get all dreamy eyed, images of pudgy cheeks and cute little noses and happy babies in strollers pop into our head. The same reference can bring an instant look of panic to a man.

Manufacturer: Pelican Gun Cases
Model: 1075 Hardback Case

Materials: Polymer
Colors: Black
Size: 11.11" x 7.92" x 1.63"
Foam: Top, Bottom pluck
Pressure purge valve
Padded Strap
Watertight 0-ring seal
Latch system designed to resist impact
Mention the word pelican at the range and suddenly both sexes are interested, as in the gun world, a pelican is not a large bird known for bringing good luck to mariners and living near the sea coast, but rather represents a quality watertight and nearly indestructible gun case that brings with it a pedigree of surviving some of the toughest conditions on earth.

I've in front of me the pelican pro case pistol, gear and accessory case. Designed to carry a handgun and magazines. It's crush proof, watertight, dust-proof, and can survive the toughest temperature extremes the planet can throw at it. Not a bad thing when it comes to protecting your favorite personal handgun. The Pelican case comes with pluck out foam to custom fit your pistol and magazines. Your firearm will be wrapped top and bottom in foam like a baby in a blanket. Easy to open clasps, have to protect those nails ladies, and lockable clasps, make this a perfect case for checking in at the airport if you need to travel with your firearm. The case has a pressure control value to release pressure based on altitude changes and it comes with a handy shoulder strap.

I wish my coach bag was this indestructible. You boys will have the ultimate man purse if you sling this one over your shoulder. I bet you never heard it called that before. Well this is a "Gear for Girls" review, so you will just have to grin and bear the perspective. Pelican makes cases for everything from guns to cameras and they come in all sizes and shapes. Many a service person has shipped their gear both in and out of active duty stations in Pelican cases. Now if only I could talk Pelican into making designer luggage.

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