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Fashionable Holsters for Women
  Hi I'm Jessica with Guns and Lace. I'm here today to review the holster line made by Julie with Pretty Dangerous Accessories. The success story behind Pretty Dangerous Accessories develops out of familiar challenge for most women who carry a firearm. Former police officer Julie Ruster-Price, went shopping for a holster for her personal use, but what she found was standard issue holsters designed by men made out of black woven nylon. For a woman this is about the fashion equivalent of wearing a burlap sack to the Marine Corps Ball! Being the smart gal that Julie is, and given her years of experience as a policewoman, she set out on a mission to create a good looking and versatile clip holster that would appeal to women on both a practical and stylish level. The holsters are designed to carry in your purse, hip, or small of your back. Leather is the perfect material for this, since it breathes and will conform to the shape of your firearm. Per the manufacturer these holsters are designed for the maximum in purse safety and accessibility, these holsters keep your trigger covered and safe at all times.

 Have I mentioned I like shoes... sure that might sound like the equivalent of a "Squirrel!!" distraction statement, but if you think about it, what makes shoe shopping fun and exciting is the variety of leathers, textures and styles to choose from.


Women's Steel Clip Holsters for Belt, Pocket, or Purse

Accommodates Mid to Full Size Semi-auto Handguns
Smaller Sized Handgun Styles in Production for Future Release

Colors and Styles Pictured:

Western Style Tooled Leather
Black Croc
Mahogany Croc Pattern
Smooth Red Leather
Purple Metallic Leather
Eggplant Ostrich
Hair-On Deer Skin
Hair-On Cow Skin
And more available...

Strong Steel Spring Clip for Retention

For Pricing and More Info Visit:

  I'm so happy to see holsters come in something other than black webbing and kahki Green. Think about it this way, no one sees if you're wearing cotton whities or sexy lingerie under your clothing, but there is a real difference in the way they make you feel as a woman. When it comes to holsters these are the equivalent of lace lingerie. From Dusty rose, to Ostrich, Cow skin to saddle bag, there is something for everyone (even red)!. My personal favorite is the tooled leather one. You will find an entire section on the website entitled "Croc" that look like gator skin!

  The clip allows you to carry in the waistband, outside the waistband and can be clipped into a purse, briefcase or gym bag. The holster fits mid to large sized guns. Julie did let me know that they're working on a version for smaller carry pieces like my Ruger LCP. The leather and stitching are quality and the belt clip is strong and securely attached. These holsters with their soft leather and spring steel clip work well for inside the waistband carry or clipping into anything from a center divider to turning a non carry purse into a carry purse. Mine clips perfectly into one of the inside pocket dividers built into my leather laptop bag. Julie's line of holsters are all made in the USA too.

  No more military issue, black holsters on this girl's hip! Thanks to the creative holster design and vision of Julie at Pretty Dangerous Accessories, it's going to be animal hides and hand tooled leather for me and my S&W 99 from here on out!

  So Ladies and Gentleman, it's time to go shopping. To learn more check out the Guns and Lace video review on our YouTube channel or visit to purchase your holster. Maybe when they arrive we will look for shoes to match our holster!
XOXO - Jessica

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