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GEWEHR 33/40
GEWEHR 33/40

Country of Origin: Czechoslovakia
Ceskoslovenská zbrojovka Brno, a.s.
Action: Bolt action
Length: 39.2 inches
Barrel Length: 19 inches
Weight: 7.4 lbs
Caliber: 7.9mm
Magazine - 5 shot staggered-column box magazine
Stock: Wood
Loading: Top loading using stripper clips
Safety: bolt lever
Sling: Leather
Bayonet lug: yes

As the Germans rolled through Europe they commandeered local armories and weapons factories. The Czechoslovakian border guard used a Mauser inspired rifle that was modified under German occupation and produced for German Alpine troops. The Gewehr 33/40. Our Guns and Lace review rifle is a nice example of this historical World War II piece made during the war in an occupied factory. With all matching serial numbers and in fine shape, it's a joy to hold and shoot. The Germans markings, including the German Swastika stamps are still clearly seen on the wooden stock.

I loved shooting this rifle, with its stripper clip, box magazine and metal butt plate. It reminded me so much of the Mosin Nagant, which is high on my favorites list. One of the features I really appreciated on the Gewehr is the safety.  I love the simplicity of it and long for such practicality on modern rifles.  A lever located on the bolt, the safety is off if flipped over to either the left or right, and on if it's vertical.  When it's on, it interferes with the sight picture, which makes it obvious the rifle is on safe. In a battle rifle, this simple feature could very well mean the difference between life and death, as a rifle left on safe, when needing to be fired, could cause a fatal delay.

The rifle performed flawlessly, was suprisingly accurate at 100 yards and easy to operate with a smooth, tight fitting bolt. The trigger pull is exactly what you would expect from a military rifle, with a fair amount of take up, but surprisingly little trigger slap.  The Gewehr's 7.9mm round at 193 grains isn't a small projectile by any means, and travels at approx 2,360 ft per second. Approximately 131,500 of this type of rifle were made between 1940 and 1942. As I wiped it down after the range I couldn't help but wonder, what its story would be If only it could talk. - Anna


Age: 23
Height: 5''8"
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Length: Long
Eye Color: Blue
Status: Single
Lives in: Maryland

Favorite Handgun: Glock 43
Favorite Book: Brave New World
Favorite TV Show: "I do not own a TV!"
Favorite Movie: La Belle Verte
Favorite Actor: Harrison Ford
Favorite Singer: Miranda Lambert
Favorite Food: Mozzarella & Tomatoes
Favorite Drink: Whiskey
Favorite Quote: "Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself!"
Liz Reese, this month's lovely and spirited Guns and Lace girl, arrived for her photo shoot wearing full leathers, a backpack full of lingerie and holding both her makeup bag and a motorcycle helmet in her arms.  Her 600cc red "bike"  was parked out front, a personal camp kit including tent, mini-stove and water filter strapped to the luggage rack, as she rides her way around the country on an adventure that started on the Northeastern Seaboard and has already seen her in over 20 different US states. Her adventures will take her South down the West Coast through Oregon, California and then through Nevada and Arizona, and then on to where ever her desires take her.

Liz is the ultimate, independent woman! She is confident, adventurous and beautiful enough to stop traffic. If she smiles at a poor defenseless man, well suffice it to say, he may not breathe again for a full minute.

She loves to rock climb, shoot, travel, ride, and scuba dive (she is a Divemaster). Just in case you were thinking Miss Reese might be one of those all play and no work types, she has Bachelor's Degrees in both Environmental Science and Marine Biology. Upon finishing school, she worked hard to save the money for her trip, but for now, before she gets serious about a career path in the sciences, she is fully exploring her belief that we were made to be outdoors, not cooped up in buildings all the time. <3
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Guest - 01/03/16
nice rifle looks a lot like my 1934 30.06
Guest - 12/05/15
Liz-Is totally hot as Is the 33/40 as I collect them-John -A Christmas Wish to all at " Guns And Lace"!!!!-John