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From the Fonzie,to the Terminator, the ultimate accessory has always been sun glasses. In the shooter's world, cool eye wear has to not only look good, it has to be functional and protect your eyes! I was first introduced to Swiss Eye wear when I was at Shot Show 2013. I almost passed on doing a review on them, as I was looking to do a Guns and Lace pinup style photo shoot with a red or purple set of safety glasses as a prop. My hopes were dashed, as I found out that these only come in Flat Dark Earth, Khaki green and "FBI" black. Yet, I lingered, then left and came back to their booth two more times before deciding this was the right product for me.

Sweet pinup girls in scantily clad lingerie and stylish red or lime green glasses aside, these safety glasses are unique. Swiss Eye has integrated ear buds for hearing protection into the bows of their shooter's safety eye wear. Yes I'm a woman, that by nature makes me both an impulse fashion shopper and a practical being, a dichotomy that often leads to interesting rationalizations when sale shopping.  But I digress...I saw these and had to ask, "Why didn't I think of that?" A simple but unique concept, shooting glasses with protective lenses and built in ear buds for both eye and ear protection, that's one heck of an idea!
Swiss Eye Shooting Glasses

Manufacturer specs:
-Includes 3 pairs of ear buds
-Comes with regular bows and ear bud bows
-Polycarbonate lens with -antifog/antiscratch coating
-100% UVA - UVB and UVC protection up to -400nm (nanometer)
-spare lens clear
-Microfiber bag and case
-EN 1826:2005+A1:2007
-ANSI Z87.12003
-STANAG 2929

Flat Dark Earth
Khaki Green

For More Info Visit:

The glasses come with two sets of wrap around protective lenses, clear and dark, two sets of bows, regular for everyday wear and a set with the ear buds built in. No more digging around in the bottom of the range bag for my ear buds,since the Swiss Eye safety glasses have the ear buds conveniently attached to the ear pieces. The detachable bows are adjustable to fit different sizes and the quality is very high. Even the zippered case, lens cleaning bag and packaging are a statement to good design and function

Even though this is a Guns and Lace "Gear review for Girls, the guys will love them too. My brother has already clamped on to this set, and I'm having to borrow them back to wear them. He doesn't seem the least bit concerned that they do not come in designer colors. So if there are two of you, plan on getting two pairs. one for him and one for yourself or risl fighting over them. ;)

Guns up Salute to Swiss Eye for a practical safety product made just for us shooters, I expect we  may see Salma Hayek wearing these in her next movie, as the Hollywood cool factor is pretty much off the charts! Watch the video at to learn more or visit the manufacturers website at Seem more "Gear Reviews for Girls" at

<3 Jessica
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