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Trigger review and Part Two of our Mosin Nagant Rebuild
What makes for gun gear that is suitable for women? The answer is: gear that conforms to a woman's body type, strength range, reach, and style. Gear for guys just doesn't cut it in many cases as the size, fit and function of gun gear designed by guys are just not suited for us girls.  Still, some gear is unisex in its application and benefits both genders.  Timney Triggers, would probably blush to hear its custom triggers described as "Gear for Girls," but think about it, I've seen women struggle to pull heavy triggers on firearms.  Our hands are, in most cases, finer and not as strong as a man's. That means that a heavy trigger is more likely to cause us to pull off target and lose accuracy.  Timney Triggers was kind enough to provide a trigger for my Mosin Nagant project, where we "sporterized" a classic military rifle. 

OMG! Let me say it again, and at the risk of sounding like a Valley Girl- OMG, the Timney trigger is sweet, sweet, sweet!!!

Timney Triggers

Available for:

Mosin - Nagant
AR 10
Archery Trigger
Browning A-Bolt
CZ 452
CZ 455
CZ 550 /550 Magnum
Mauser Featherweight and Featherweight Deluxe
Mauser low profile safety
Mauser Sportsman
Remington 700
Remington 700 with safety
Remington 788
Remington Tactical
Ruger 10/22 Complete
Ruger 7722
Ruger MK2
Ruger 77 (with Tang Safety)
Sako A Action
Savage 110
Savage Accutrigger
Savage Axis /Edge
SCAR 16 and SCAR 17
Springfield Featherweight
Springfield Featherweight Deluxe
Springfield and Enfield Sportsman
Weatherby and Howa 1500
Weatherby Mark 5
Winchester 70
Winchester 70 MOA
3lbs... that's right, 3lbs on this adjustable trigger. With smooth pull and a definitive break that sent lead down range like a dream.  The trigger contains a safety switch which makes up for the Mosin's old hard to use, nail breaker, bolt safety!  Kudos to Timney, for adding back in an ergonomic safety switch to protect a girl's nails!!! I'd a Gunsmith install the trigger as the trigger is bigger than the original Mosin trigger and the safety required a little bit of material be removed from our new Boyd Gunstocks' Featherweight Laminate Stock.  If you are handy with a little bit of Dremel work, the installation isn't hard. I'd other modifications I wanted to do to the rifle that were beyond me, so off it went to a gunsmith.

We had the barrel cut down to 20 inches and crowned, added a stock mount and an optic, put in a bent bolt to clear the scope and finished up with a modernized rifle that was consistently good at 100 yards. After sighting in the scope and firing for my review, Cristina of Guns and Lace tried it out and was on the X on her first shot. 

The Timney Trigger really brought this build together. It made a huge difference, with its crisp break, fast reset and zero creep, turning all of us into better shooters than we were with the rifles old trigger. It really helped turn an old "safe"gun into a new range favorite. The Timney upgrade is affordable and their products speak "quality" fluently, even the packaging is first class. With colors that had me smiling (silly, I know) but none-the-less, I appreciated the extra effort they made in their finishing, as it speaks volumes about the care and quality of their triggers.

I can tell you,  I am now looking at adding Timney Triggers to both of my AR-15s. If Timney can make this old Mosin Nagant feel like a million bucks when I shoot it, I can just imagine how nice my AR-15s will feel with Timney Triggers. I am hooked, can you tell?! Guns Up Salute to Timney for making gear that improves accuracy, gets you back on target quicker and makes the shooting experience easier for us girls (and men too)!  -Anna
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Guest - 01/25/14
Good writeup ... just need to correct the URL to in the right column of the article towards the bottom.
Guest - 10/23/13
great review ;-)
Guest - 10/23/13
Nice review, I love the Timney... you were spot on!