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  What do the CIA, TSA and the Secret service all have in common with Guns and Lace girl Katie?! Sexy underwear with lots of firepower, that's what!  This month's Guns and Lace "Gear for Girls" review of the Untertech Undercover line of carry holster clothing is worn by people in all of the above agencies and also here at Guns and Lace.

I'm Jessica and together with fan favorite, Guns and Lace girl, Katie O'Day and we are here to review the latest in cool gear for women. In case you haven't noticed, women are built differently than men, most firearms and gun gear are designed by men, for men, so we girls get to wear men's gear or go without much of the time. When it comes to clothing, us girls, are not very excited about having to wear baggy clothing and over sized pants and shirts in order to hide our self defense firearms. We lean toward fashion and form fitting clothing that shows off our figures. Honestly, if carrying a gun for protection means looking frumpy, well, its just not going to happen. So hang on to your fashion statement ladies, as we bring you reviews on the latest and greatest gear designed to make you look Marvelous each and every month!

The secret to carrying a gun and not having it print, is to be able to keep it tucked close to your body. Having the butt of your pistol sticking out, or the firearm leaning out and away from you, creates bulges and bumps where they shouldn't be. I call this the lumpy look and I honestly don't think I have ever heard the words lumpy and bumpy used to describe a woman in a flattering way. Undertech Undercover made by Master of Concealment, is a compression short and t-shirt, with built in pistol pockets for a quick draw that are designed specifically for a woman's body. Yes guys, they do make a men's line that you can check out on their website, but for this review, we are focusing on the girls' line.

Undertech Undercover

  Scoop Neck T
  Strap T


  Extra Small
  Extra Large

Fits most small to medium handguns
up to and including 1911s

Available for Women and Men

So what are compression shorts? Think bicycle shorts made from 4 way stretch fabric Cotton and Spandex, that is very form fitting, breathable, machine washable, belt-less and comfortable to wear with a built in pocket for your handgun on each side. You can carry your handgun on your right side, your spare magazine on your left. Don't take the fact that these shorts are belt-less for granted, not having to wear a belt means more wardrobe choices, especially when it comes to pants and skirts! Did I mention that the compression fabric is slimming! What could be better than that a carry garment that makes you look slimmer?!

The matching top is an all weather, compression  T-shirt, available in scoop neck or a strap-T, that allows immediate access to your handgun from under a button down shirt. The Undertech Undercover t-shirt has built in pockets under the arms on both sides. If you have ever tried on a shoulder holster, you will appreciate how nicely the Untertech T-shirt holds a handgun on either the left or right side without needing to be all trussed up like a circus performer. The handgun is securely held in its pocket, has a safety strap and will accomodate most sizes of handguns. The top is made of Micro/Poly Lycra, a 4 way stretch fabric that is comfortable and wicks moisture away from the skin.

I like this carry option, it's a practical, comfortable way to carry, and with both shorts and T- shirt choices it allows for a carry piece, extra mags, and a back up piece.

To learn more, visit www.GunsandLace or Guns Up Salute to women that shoot!
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Guest - 09/16/13
Always good stuff and totally awesome to see Katy again. ALWAYS my Fav of the Babes. Hpoe to see you all on You Tube soon.